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The assumption is that if you are in the zone- they would be pretty good at it according to 72% of Brits.

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I (artificial intelligence) that could respond and mimic human interaction was a positive or negative thing. The most pressing question after this of course is if they would consider going on a date with a robot and 34% would be up for it.

When the Brits were further asked what they thought the benefits to dating a robot would be- and they has five very clear ideas.

You could make them do your work - Your boss might notice if you send a robot in instead of you to carry out your normal tasks- however if you often bring work home with you- you could get your robot partner to do it while you put your feet up.

Your current partner might not have the knowledge or indeed the willing but a robot would.

As with many of its problems, Japan is not looking for conventional solutions.

It's pressing forward in its own, uniquely Japanese way.New research by has found a third of Brits would date a robot in the future.And one in five would even go so far as to have sex with a robot that was designed for that sort of thing. Initially all respondents were asked if they thought the invention of A."The Havas study is indicating that younger millennials have decided to reduce a level of anxiety in their lives: relationship, family and the financial commitment needed to maintain the two," Clarissa Silva, behavioral scientist and author of the relationship blog, , tells Bustle."AR provides a method of constructing a better reality devoid of human interaction.The Fresh Prince tries to break the ice with a joke, something Sophia calls “an irrational human behavior.” The Hanson Robotics creation didn’t dig the punchline, nor is she into Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s old hits. She then took a shot at Smith’s 2004 movie “I, Robot.” Also Read: Jimmy Fallon, Will Smith Perform the ' History of TV Theme Songs' - Yes, Including ' Fresh Prince' (Video) Badly misreading the vibe, Smith goes in for a kiss anyway.He’s shut down and placed in the friend zone, which is an actual rigid list in Sophia’s hard drive. A video of their "date," which took place at a beachfront property in the Cayman Islands, was posted on his You Tube page on Thursday."I've wanted to meet you for a really, really long time. She doesn't understand why Will wants to tell her a joke, calling it "irrational human behavior." She also informs the actor that she is not a fan of his old rap music. And, you know, being here with you in the Cayman Islands, I gotta say is, uh, I'm feeling a little something," Smith tells Sophia, handing her a glass of white wine. They could clean/cook - Imagine that- coming home to a cooked meal every night and a tidy home.You could come in and have an evening free of picking up after your partner and asking that all-important question- 'what do you fancy for tea?


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