Right hemisphere brain damage impairs strategy updating

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We investigated how right hemisphere lesions affected location priming and statistical learning in four groups of participants: young controls, older controls, and right brain damaged patients with or without spatial neglect.Using a version of the Maljkovic and Nakayama's (1994) priming task, but with all the targets presented at the mid-line, we biased the transition probability for targets to repeat their spatial location.

Right brain damaged patients did not modulate the magnitude of the spatial priming effect with variation in repeat frequency, as did the control groups.

We conclude that damage to the right hemisphere impairs spatial priming and that priming impairment co-exists with, and may contribute to an inability to learn environmental statistical regularities.

Inducing an abrupt shift in a third condition allowed us to differentiate between a proactive decision in uncertainty-driven updating and a reactive decision in surprise-based updating.

We replicated our earlier result, showing the ro-bustness of the effect.

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If you take a couple cups of green tea daily, it is true that you will lose weight.Separate groups had the second range of intervals switch to one that contained either longer or shorter intervals than the first range.Both groups showed significant positive correlations between perceptual and prediction accuracy.A B S T R A C T In a constantly changing environment we must adapt to both abrupt and gradual changes to incoming information.Previously, we demonstrated that a distributed network (including the anterior insula and anterior cingulate cortex) was active when participants updated their initial representations (e.g., it's a cat) in a gradually morphing picture task (e.g., now it's a rabbit; Stöttinger et al., 2015).In prior work, we have shown that damage to the right hemisphere of the brain impairs the ability to update mental models across a range of tasks.Given the disparate nature of the tasks we have employed in this prior work (i.e.statistical learning, language acquisition, position priming, perceptual ambiguity, strategic game play), we propose that a cognitive module important for updating mental representations should be generic, in the sense that it is invoked across multiple cognitive and perceptual domains.To date, the majority of our tasks have been visual in nature.People, Sensors, Decisions: Customizable and Adaptive Technologies for Assistance in Healthcare. NOTE: This paper is only available through the Cog Sci 600 D2L site (under "Assorted Files").More and more people aware its effectiveness on health benefits.


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