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The Remington ACR was one of the weapons displayed to U. Army officials during an invitation-only Industry Day on November 13, 2008.

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The initial ACR design was offered in the Army's Individual Carbine competition.

In late 2011, Remington unveiled an improved version specifically for the competition.

portfolio that includes Bushmaster, Remington, Marlin, and DPMS Panther Arms brands) have also made extensive design changes based on extensive environmental and functional testing specifically to meet the emerging requirements of the US military in both the carbine and subcompact weapon versions of the ACR family.

They made sure that the ACR will be capable to endure certain conditions such as exposure to sand, dirt, mud, and water.

The Remington ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) is a modular assault rifle designed by Magpul Industries of Austin, Texas and was known as the Masada.

In late January 2008, Bushmaster Firearms International entered into a licensing agreement with Magpul whereby Bushmaster would take over production, future development, and sales of the Masada. However, Remington Arms is contracted to manufacture the rifle for the US military and US law enforcement agencies. The first book to study this pistol exclusively, it additionally relates production figures and dates of manufacture, serial numbers, variations, markings, engraving, cases and accessories, ammunition, fakes and flim-flams--and much more! Lavishly illustrated with large, clear photographs; 32 pages of full-color plates!On November 18, 2008, Bushmaster released a statement saying, "The ACR is being redesigned to be a superior offering to compete for the next generation US Army infantry carbine and subcompact weapon requirement and will be available to select customers in 2009".Bushmaster Firearms, with the help of Remington Arms, (a sister company in the Freedom Group, Inc.The original Magpul Masada's design represented a combination of several recent rifle designs, incorporating what was considered by its designers to be the best features of each in a single, lightweight, modular rifle.Design features from the Armalite AR-18 (short-stroke gas system), the FN SCAR (upper receiver, charging handle location), the Heckler & Koch G36 and XM8 (liberal use of polymer components), and the M16/AR-15 (trigger pack, barrel, fire control group) were present.In January 2008, the design of the Magpul Masada was licensed to Bushmaster Firearms International and the production version of the Masada became known as the Bushmaster ACR.The rifle was initially developed over a period of five months and was planned to replace the M16 completely independent of government funding.The weapon's caliber could easily be changed by replacing the bolt head, magazine, and barrel.The rifle was originally named after the Siege of Masada.


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