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Wilson has been selected to three Pro Bowls, and his AV through his first five seasons (84) was better than Peyton Manning’s (76).

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We’re only looking at the AV that players gained in their after their draft, since that's roughly when they’re under their initial contract*, and we’re including the AV they gained for any team within those five years. Quarterback Tom Brady produced 51, while running back Bilal Powell — to give an example of a totally fine player — produced 14.

Using the five-year AV of all 5,000 draftees since 1996, we can calculate an expected value for every pick.

Cleveland holds 11 picks in this year’s draft, including the 1st, 12th, 33rd, 52nd and 65th overall.

But the team isn't exactly famous for its drafting prowess. By comparing how much value teams get, we can calculate which franchises make the most of their draft selections.

(This involves some smoothing, to make sure that higher picks are always expected to produce more value than lower picks). 1 pick to gain 44 AV over five years, and their 65th pick to produce about a third of that, 16 AV.

Adding all 11 Browns selections together, it turns out the team has the best set of picks since 1996.

When you think of draft busts, the name “Ryan Leaf” might come to mind.

And indeed the Chargers’ second overall selection in 1998 is the worst pick by any team since 1996, producing just one AV against an expected AV of 42.

Every team is ranked below by their draft performance against expectations, using the percentage difference between the actual and expected AVs of their draftees. For one, we’re not accounting for what teams gave up to get their picks.

The 1999 New Orleans Saints used their only selection (No.


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