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If you continuously walk backwards in this location, you are nearly invisible to your opponents, and blacksmiths who can shield and walk backwards, nearly invincible to everything but chaos ranged shots. This is similar to casting ice at an edge causing it to stack on an opponent.

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Right mouse Hold – Concentrating the energy and strike with the whole body. If you enjoy going solo then you can pick grip as your first stat, the damage is very high but the delay leaves you vulnerable. Travel Speed [Updated January 4th] Travel speed gives you a base of .02 and .03 (its a floating decimal value) and will evenually add up to around 8.80 movement speed. But theres something ninjas get called the Dagger glide (W W Right click [or up up]).

Up Up Right Click – Dagger Glide Up Up Left Click – Jump straight into enemy and kick the enemy in the air. Sneak attack commonly doesn’t work (never know tho) Miss your grab and you are open for 2~3 seconds. Front grips are extremely weak in themselves and should be RARELY attempted (Unless no one is around, go for it) Grip can be used as a main attack for a ninja, combined with attack speed it is extremely deadly.

Other types of cells can block, but they can sometimes block the summoner.

Another elevator glitch is that a running jump into the elevators at the spawn site can allow you to float in the elevator for up to 10 seconds. - on the second floor of gravity, a blacksmith or warrior can do a thrust of the left or right edges.

Left Click x 3 Right Click – Old version of Left Click x4 Left Click x 2 Right Click -Stab twice then throw dagger in air and slash. With maxed grip you can take down most newbie characters with 2~3 backgrips.

Maximum armor is also very low, which tends to be a problem, one ninja grab can wipe your armor bar -.-. Moves and Keys ————————————————————- Close Range Left Click x 4 -Stab three times, kick then jump back. Grab Attack [Update, January 4th 2006] Grab attack is one of the main skills of a ninja, but not necessarly the most important.

As above, you can not be to far away of you float into the air and do a jump attack. Using your 9 shot throw is used for killing a golem, hitting a big crowd, killing a Taurus, or knocking a jumper down, or putting some damage into blacksmith.

In order to do this you must be directly BEHIND your opponent and press both mouse buttons are once. (I believe this has been changed since the korean version.) 2.

You might have a few charged combos waiting for you… These kind of games are also good stress relievers (unless ur missing every grab and in turn getting grabbed yourself). STICK WITH YOUR TEAMMATES, I don’t care if you got an uber 1337 grab that can kill a mage in 2 hits, stay with your teammates.

If suceeded your ninja will proceed to stab and gash and twist your opponents insides. Highest Damage in game aside of DIRECT mage ice spike (difficult) What you dont like? When you shouldn’t use these: When your facing other ninjas or mages. When you can easily grab someone instead, or when someone has an opponent in a nice spot with good delay. Score Games ————————————————————- Fun Games, the only thing I really find them good for is practicing your grab on low levels when your level 10, because of the minimal exp you get, its good for a long time if you need to practice grabbing.


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