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One diagnostic sign that I have always found very useful in diagnosing Autism Early is how the child reacts to his name being called out. If out of ten, the child is responding less than 7 -8 times when a stranger calls out his name, there is a strong chance that the child could be falling in the Autism Spectrum. If you can leave the medical diagnosis aside, Take a brief pause and understand what has happened to your Child ( it will help you in his recovery ). This is stopping him from learning new things Autism Confirmed -Time to go all guns blazing Its now or never, you cant afford delay in this matter.It seems that the child has slipped into his own world . His mind is getting trained to be in his own world . Put all your energy into pulling your child out of the world that he has slipped into.I have seen plenty of cases recovering or becoming quite significantly better after early behavior and Homeopathic intervention.

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I have seen that most of the parents struggle with the diagnosis for months or years together, which is extremely harmful for the child.I would suggest that one should avoid school for kids with autism in early stage .Child should be only put in school , only if the school provides a dedicated shadow teacher .I asked the mother to go and observe the child in the school .She reported back after 2- 3 days that the child was not being attended well in the class and was quite isolated . As per my advise , the parents withdrew him from school , he started gaining back his speech and was back on the road to recovery from autism .Early intervention has a very important role in the recovery of the child from autism.Making sure of the Autism Diagnosis In a very young child, lets say between 18- 24 months, the diagnosis is difficult and it becomes all the more difficult if the child has mild problem.My Clinic deals with nearly 3-5 new cases of autism every day and a follow-up of at least dozen Autism cases every day.Autism Intervention -Earlier the Better Start early.Autism Therapist vs You It is you and not the therapist who is going to make the big difference . Most parents get relaxed and they stop working with the child as much as they should, once they are seeking help from a therapist.They completely overlook the stimulation that should be given at home.


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