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The code behind is what loads the data into the controls that need to be updated.And I'm not sure how to get then name of the page (or panel on the page) for the event Target parameter. There is an easier way that will do that in one postback, without any Java Scritp.Let's say that Panel1 is the container that you wish to update when the button in the user control is clicked.

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The latter would be fine, its practically the entire page that will need to be updated.

I'm just not experience with javascript/client side programming. Seems like that would fire the client script before the code behind.

However, the page doesn't refresh its controls with the new data.

I determined that Rad Tool Tip Manager requires use of Ajax calls, and I added the Rad Ajax Manager to the page and a Rad Ajax Manager Proxy to the User Control.

I have a selection dialog that is being displayed by a Rad Tool Tip Manager.

The dialog consists of a few inputs, a Rad Grid and a button within a User Control.Get Current(Page) As to the AJAX settings, they still can be added programmatically - Rad Ajax controls can be accessed at Content Page's code-behind using Find Control method of Master Page object.However, in case you use a lot of Content Pages, you should write the same "finding" code in all the places.When the user clicks the button, the selection dialog is closed.The code behind the button is working, and the information is being passed back to the page through an event handler.Of course, one can add Rad Ajax Manager control in any Content Page.Unfortunately not all possible scenarios can be handled when using Rad Ajax Manager this way - for example a control in the master page cannot be ajaxified.The Grid's SQL Data Source is tied to a stored procedure which accepts a parameter (Cust Bill) from the Rad Combo Box.Ajax Manager is setup to update both the Rad Grid and Rad Combo Box but the stored procedure returns 0 results no matter what is selected in the combo box. -Scott Browse the vast support resources we have to jump start your development with Rad Controls for ASP. See how to integrate our AJAX controls seamlessly in Share Point 2007/2010 visiting our common Share Point portal.rdmptn's solution is much more generic, so giving him the nod.Basically you should first check if the control is MS AJAX compatible (MS AJAX is the MS framework for ajax-enabling controls).


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