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She and Penny wanted to do some renovations on their small herbal tea shop. Hargreaves for sponsoring her, Michelle hurried to obey. "Michelle, there are quite a few spelling mistakes. " Michelle giggled nervously at this unlikely image. She understood that it was a deeply shameful thing to be caned by your employer, never to be mentioned to anyone. " Nicole preened, eager to be thought the smooth businesswoman. " Nicole wanted to take a break from the pressures of business. " "Two tickets to Hamburg for an all-expense paid trip! Nikki had drunk nothing in a day and a half, but she was graciously allowed to hear the sound of running water. " The strap shellacked the cringing soles of her bare feet. She didn't altogether believe her charming hostess either. Nikki felt strong fingers delving between her legs, opening her bruised and swollen cuntlips wide to expose the depths of her pink passage.

As she left the bank manager's office, his secretary, Michelle (herself a nervous, naive and easily persuaded girl) gave Nicole a sympathetic smile. As is common among asians, she had adopted an English first name for the convenience of people like Smedley Hargreaves, who hadn't any hope of (or any interest in) pronouncing her real name. She hustled into his office, primly shutting the door behind her, not wanting to share her correction with the other employees. What would your family in the old country say if you lost your job and couldn't send money back to them? You should use the English spell checker, not the American one. We don't want people thinking that we're ignorant Americans! To the asian girl, it seemed that the English were extremely particular. I'll do better next time." Like most abusive people, Mr. It wouldn't be right if I let you get away with errors that none of the local girls would commit. She bent over, pulled up her skirt, pulled down her knickers, stretched out her slim arms and touched her carefully polished fingernails to her carefully polished toenails. Her bare buttocks quivered delectably with each stroke. "It's something that they taught us at business school! Her negotiations with Smedley had left a bad taste in her mouth. "Before we start the renovations with our new loan, why don't we take a vacation? It's a lottery they run for people who take out loans. All she had been allowed to do was hang by her hair in the cell, blindfolded and gagged, stark naked in the cool cell, shivering and listening to the water and smelling the delicious soup. The luscious lips wrapped around the ball gag were blue. "I find that a well-greased broomstick handle helps to loosen up the haughtiest, snottiest bitch.

To correct this mistake, all you have to do is select the English spell checker and reprint it! You'll never make that mistake again." Michelle rubbed her burning buttocks ruefully. Penny gushed, blissfully ignorant of lovely Nicole's dick slurping. Nikki whimpered and quivered continuously, a whipped dog. "I want to hear you scream, newswoman." Nikki swallowed hard. The acne scarred matron kept pumping it in and out, twisting it around inside her until Nikki began sobbing brokenly.

Becky got down on her knees under the desk, buried her face in Lillith's muff and began probing with her tongue, teasing Lillith's clit out of hiding. Dyke Lillith was getting her rug chewed by baby faced Becky. Always impatient, Lillith decided to stop the foreplay. We've had complaints from female customers about sexual harassment! For the next few rapes, she would be gasping for air, her lovely torso heaving delightfully, bare breasts scrubbing exciteingly against her rapists chests. Her breasts were bruised and swollen where strong, brutal fingers had dug in, squeezing and crushing.

A lovely asian girl, Michelle was intimately familiar with Smedley's methods. " Michelle looked anxiously at the letter clutched in Smedley's hand. Smedley was always catching her out in small errors. Smedley told everyone that he was 'firm, but fair'. I hired you over them because I felt sure that you would always do the right thing. Thin red lines appeared across both cheeks as the cane kissed her bare bum. Demonstrating the complete range of his sensitivity, Smedley handed her a kleenex to dry her tears and blow her nose as she pulled up her knickers. Nikki had tried to hold it in but, at last, had been force to piss herself, the dark yellow urin running down her shapely legs and forming a puddle at her feet. It rams home the realization that she's just a piece of dog vomit." Nikki gasped as the broomstick handle penetrated her quivering quim as deeply as possible.

The only sounds were the vicious snap of the cane across Michelle's smoothly rounded buttocks followed by a sharp intake of breath as Michelle swallowed the pain. Smedley lifted both cheeks with a sharp cut upwards for his final blow. Gingerly, she touched her inflamed rump with her fingertips. "Nothing like a mild paddling to help you understand! " Chapter 2 - Travel Plans Her partner, Penny, was waiting for Nicole in the coffee shop. " Her friend Penny thought that Nicole was a miracle worker, a silver tongued orator when it came to persuading Mr. Two turds lying on the floor behind her proved that her attempt at bowel control was no more successful than her attempt at bladder control. Nikki cursed, swore and struggled futilely as she experienced rape at the hands of a knowledgeable woman.

99pct of the time the idea is a derivative of something that is already being done, or something so obvious its an insult that they are pitching it. If they have anything to with sports or a deck of cards, i don’t want to read them and they will be deleted.

I dont need to be pitched another cooking, poker, pimp my whatever, American Idol knockoff, nor do I want to hear another “compete for a Mavs roster spot” or “business plan competition idea”. If its obvious you don’t know anything about HDNet or have never seen our networks , it will be deleted.

Mission accomplished, she got up off her knees and plucked her skimpy black knickers from the floor. Becky, greatly over-doing the wide-eyed innocent bit, also overdid the artless bit. "I see that you've invited that creep Smedley down from Woking. I'll have you there making notes, in case he tries to pull a fast one later about what was said or done." Becky grinned. Too weak to put up any effective resistance, Nikki opened her ass-hole wide for the greek culture enthusiasts.

She stepped into them, pulling them up her long shapely legs and snugging them over her smooth, shaven pussy. " Becky dutifully entered with her notepad, her big blue eyes wide and adoring. "Lillith, is there any little thing I could do for you? Chapter 4 - Nikki Gets Some Quiet Time The Warden of the Felice Navidad Women's Prison, despite a lot of evidence to the contrary, liked thinking of himself as a warm-hearted humanitarian, firm but fair.


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