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You need to see each other in a different set of circumstances over a long period of time to really get to know them.Marlene Dietrich You certainly can't call up your casual acquaintances at four in the morning!William Blake Doesn't this quote just call up feelings of comfort and home?

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A friendship doesn't need to last your entire lifetime in order for it to make an impact on you.

Rather than focusing on how long you've been friends with someone, think about what you've learned from them instead.

It's exhausting, and the ironic part is that the more you try and explain yourself, the more mixed up things become.

Your best friend knows when you're kidding, venting, and tired.

Elbert Hubbard Some people wonder how many friends they need.

There is a perception that the more friends you have, the better off you are. One or two good friends can make much more of an impact on your life than dozens of casual friends.

But I agree with Woolf's quote here that talking to your best friend beats anything else for lifting the burdens of your life.

There is something about the act of talking through your issues that can make you feel lighter and more in charge of your life.

If you don't have a bestie at the moment, use these as inspiration while you're looking for one.

It must be hard to find true friends when you're famous and wealthy.


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