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To work, the programs need access to a user's account at each institution.It's a drain on the lenders' networks as the number of startups offering these services has increased.

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Many first-time homeowners are surprised at how much of their mortgage payment goes toward interest and not principal.

In order to plan ahead, ask your lender for a sample amortization schedule so you can get an idea of how much of your monthly payments will go toward interest and how much will apply to principal over time.

Richard Dym, a California-based tech consultant, said the problems began about three weeks ago.

Within the last several days, Dym said, Quicken sent him correspondence stating that it would once again begin downloading data through Bank of America.The company recently partnered with On Deck Capital to launch a small business lending vertical — something that would compete with big Wall Street banks.Have you had your access to an app you used to manage personal finance transactions or small business operations locked out by a big bank?In this kind of flawed comparison, owning a home can often seem like the better deal.However, as evidenced by PITI, there is more to owning a home than paying a mortgage plus interest.Only then will you have a comprehensive idea of the true cost of homeownership.It’s very important to note that your entire mortgage payment will not be applied to your principal balance. The rest of your mortgage payment will go toward interest, taxes and insurance.Specifically, PITI stands for: principal, interest, taxes and insurance.Many people make the mistake of comparing the cost of their monthly rent and utilities with a monthly mortgage and interest payment.If you’re getting ready to buy a home, you might hear the term “PITI” from your real estate professional.You might also come across it in emails with your lender or read it in your mortgage paperwork. Simply put, it’s an acronym that describes the four key components of your monthly housing costs as a homeowner.


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