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We found a mix of underlying reasons for missing the targeted return time: Insufficient staffing, late or improper mail arrival, inaccurate route adjustments, and insufficient supervision.The Postal Service agreed with our recommendations to improve the underlying conditions. What more could be done to get carriers off the streets on time?

We found a mix of underlying reasons for missing the targeted return time: Insufficient staffing, late or improper mail arrival, inaccurate route adjustments, and insufficient supervision.

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Amazon is going to start delivering their own packages because they are too good and efficient to deal with your incompetence.All of this poses challenges for the Postal Service in meeting its goal of 95 percent of letter carriers being off the street by 5 p.m. Our recent audit of the Bay Valley (CA) District — in the heart of the nation’s ecommerce hub — found that carriers and CCAs fell short of the 100 percent goal by 6 p.m.In calendar year 2016, only 75 percent of carriers returned to the office by 6 p.m., our report said.Scanner can inform carrier just like animal Alerts or MSP scan this can be achieved it will safe at least each carrier nothing less than 1hour to 45 minutes off the street.I have heard that carriers are mandated to scan no parcels after a certain time of the day.But then again, I'm just a person that's tried to contact USPS all day long and each time I was told the wait time was one hour. I've had packages be out for delivery by 8pm, not show up, then I lock up. I hate when I'm expecting a package through USPS, because if it not their by the time my local carrier leaves by - in the morning then I won't get it that day.fact, I would get it the next day because my local carrier would already gone with today's mail and that's why I hate when they have packages will be delivered by 8 p.m. They are humans too and need a chance to get properly training and just 1 or 2 routes at least the first month so them get use to it before to move to another one and probably get lost! I am very sure the Scanner app developer never carried mail before .Nevermind that both packages are super important and both are now delayed. Not 10 minutes later (after I lock up of course) my tracking updates, "Could not be delivered. today..maybe UPS or Fed Ex but never seen USPS deliver any packages after my regular mail runs around 2-3 pm. It is basically IMPOSSIBLE for a NEW carrier finish his route before 6pm especially when is getting a new route EVERY SINGLE DAY, having CERO proper training, and NO truck till late in the afternoon. SOLUTION: After using the Scanner to load packages in truck,carrier still get slow down by stopping all the time to ensure no packages are left behind or stopping in each street to collate parcels.Very disappointing priority mail says by Saturday at 8 pm called and post office says it's not even in my state .The tracking is terrible all my updates say in transit . I have a package that says expected by 8pm, tonight.It was supposed to be here by Wednesday, it was delayed and now I don't even have it the day after......... I love how the little caption I clicked for more information on the delivery time was "-when the carrier will attempt to delivery your package." Yup, nothing wrong with the grammar there. I live in San Diego, and there has never been a usps driver out past 5-6pm. Why do I get charged extra for something to be delivered at a regular time? Did get a survey once so I know they received my complaint. Supervisors need to actually understand how to engage CCA's on new routes.I think the people who run things at the United States postal service might actually be delusional. I missed a day of work trying to wait for a package usps priority mail specified was gonna be delivered around 8 pm. My zip 60099If your business explicitly states their mail carriers are not to deliver packages after 6 p.m. Here is a direct quote from your business on a package that is supposed to arrive at my house today: Expected Delivery by MONDAY 5 MARCH 2018 by pm By 8 p.m. that is 2 hours after 6, and it is built into your own system to give me that estimate. I am a CCA but well educated and Six Sigma Green Belt Certified etc, from my experience.


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