Poly dating after ending a relationship

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Similarly, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints historically permitted men to marry multiple women.The Mormons abandoned this practice, but fundamentalist sects that grew out of the Latter-day Saints movement practice polygamy in the 21st century.Jeni Foto / There’s nothing that the two of you can’t do because you’re in the kind of love that nobody has ever known before!

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Some religions historically or currently accept poly relationships as a normal union of believers, according to

For example, some segments of Islam permit a male to have multiple wives.

But let's look at Lea Michele's dating timeline for a minute: Lea Michele dated Cory Monteith for two years, right up until his unfortunate death (RIP, Cory).

About a year later, Lea met Matthew Paetz on the set of one of her music videos.

Lea herself said that Paetz "miraculously" came into her life after the death of her beloved Monteith.

Lea and Paetz seriously dated from April 2014 to February of this year. I didn't think that was healthy (or humanly possible). A while back, I did a write-up on tried-and-true relationship hopper, Kylie Jenner.

Once you’re out of the honeymoon period, then you’re faced with finding out whether there’s really any long-term potential here…

and if you’re not sexually compatible, then you’ve got a ticking time-bomb hidden, waiting to blow your relationship apart.

But if Lea and Kylie's romantic situations are any indication, diving into a full-on relationship right after ending a serious one doesn't necessarily mean the new relationship is going to last. Charlotte York says it takes half the time you dated someone to get over them.

The case of Hiddleswift remains to be seen, but something tells me that's a fluke. My friends say just a month is enough time, and my mom says not to date again until I feel "right." What's my thought on the matter? Go about your life as if you'll never find someone...


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