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If you show them a Chinese passport that’s obviously just as good.

Whatever document you plan to use on arrival is what you want to give the airline here.

Step 4: Departing Immigration Authority: Government Immigration Department Passport to Show: The One That Allows You to Be Where You Currently Are In most countries you need to clear exit immigration before departing the country. Typically before you get to your gate, you have to present your passport and boarding card to some sort of immigration authority.

Here is where things get tricky as you must present the passport that allows you to be where you are (home country) – NOT the one that allows you to go where you are going (destination country).

Authorities will look for the entry stamp in order to match it with an exit stamp and complete your visit.

Example: Michael shows his Italian passport which he used to enter Brazil at the start of his trip.You were either born there or you entered with some sort of permission.With all that aside, decide where you want to travel to .It is therefore very important that when you present yourself at immigration that the document you present matches the airline manifest.Here immigration is concerned with if you have permission to enter the country you’ve arrived at, not if you had permission to be in the country you’ve just come from.Step 8: Arriving Immigration Authority: Government Immigration Department Passport to Show: The One Allowing You in Your Home Country We have come full circle now and returned to our home country.The passport you show here should be the one that allows you to live there, and also be aligned with the one you used in step six. I have dual citizenship: Colombia (native country) and US.Example: Michael has both US and Italian citizenship and resides in the USA. Brazil requires a complicated visa for US citizens, but no such visa for Italians. Step 2: Book a Ticket Authority: Airline Passport to Show: The One You’ll Use at Your Destination Often when you book a plane ticket to an international destination the airline will ask you for your passport details.If you have two different passports, you should provide the details of the passport you plan to enter the country you are visiting with.If you haven’t read the first post go and check it out.If you have and still aren’t sure about traveling with two passports, this post is for you.


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