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‘I hope my swimming life continues and I will be an Olympian when I grow up’ wrote the 8-year-old Ryan Murphy to his parents. I want to be the best swimmer in the world.’ He is well on his way to achieve his goal: currently he is the defending Olympic champion in 100 and 200 m backstroke.There are some people who overflow with balance and peace. He is not all smiles all the time, he is rather reserved actually (he was criticised for not erupting with joy after his Olympic victory in Rio), still it is absolutely obvious that the stable background, his family and his deep and honest faith serve as solid fundaments making him undeterred.Aaron Peirsol may go down as one of the greatest backstroke swimmers of all time as the reigning Olympic and world champion targets an Athens repeat of his 100m and 200m gold sweep when he takes to the pool at the ultra modern Ice Cube aquatic complex when the battle for swimming supremecy takes place in Beijing.

Later they got to know each other personally and Piersol became his mentor (then Murphy broke his world record in Kazan).Being in a position of a role model means my life will always be scrutinized. With good decisions comes respect from others, and with bad decisions comes judgment.I need to be especially careful to think carefully about my decisions, my surroundings and my actions.’ American swimmers measure in four-year Olympic cycles and though Murphy’s childhood dream was to become an Olympian, in order to be the best swimmer in the world, he has to show his talents at the World Championships as well.Like all other children in the local pool he also looked up to Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, the two most decorated swimmers in the history of the world championships.In the World Championships in Kazan in 2015 he had to cope with huge pressure, since 200 m backstroke had been dominated by the Americans since Perth 1998, his two idols, Aaron Piersol and Ryan Lochte had won gold medals one after the other. Idaho Man Accused of Making False Statements on Client Tax Returns (Boise) – Attorney General Lawrence Wasden has reached a settlement with an eastern Idaho businessman accused of making false statements on dozens of tax returns he prepared for clients.A settlement approved by Fourth District Judge Jason Scott requires that Jonathan R.“The relationship between client and the person hired to prepare and file tax returns must be based on trust, professionalism and adherence to the highest ethical standards.” The investigation began in the fall of 2013 after the Tax Commission audited returns filed by 70 individuals who paid up to 0 for Peirsol’s tax preparation service.The audits revealed a series of inflated deductions and expenses on most of those returns, filed between 20.Wasden said clients were initially pleased with the results and spent refunds.But after the inconsistencies were discovered in the audits, 67 clients were required to repay refunds with interest, and in some cases, pay a penalty.


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