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Thanks for your help and any information you have about the current listings on this site in the meantime. Networking Page" on the subject line, and indicate which information you want listed and how, otherwise we cannot tell which messages are sent in private and which are from people who want their information published here.Networking listings below include interest in starting new meetings, those seeking sponsors/cosponsors, and those announcing new meetings. Also, please let us know when the information is out-of-date and needs to be changed or removed. The spouse of a workaholic writes: I lost my husband of 8 years to workaholism.Since no meeting is listed near you, you may wish to be listed in the "MEETING CATALYST" category. Please fill out the Meeting Catalyst Form and return it to W. World Service if you want to become a Meeting Catalyst.

Please contact if you are interested, know of a group in my area, or have ideas/resources on how to get started.

Fred (831) 295-8850 cell/msg (831) 689-9800 office/msg antaki AT (A catalyst is something that promotes an action but is not used up in the process.) Other people may call or have called from your area seeking a meeting. In that event we can supply Meeting Starter Kits at a small charge (let us know if you want one).

I am interested in starting a face-to-face group meeting for Workaholics Anonymous in Gainesville, Florida.

I will be taking steps to get organized for this now even if we start with only a few people. Hi, Thomas G, from Alexandria VA, seeks a co-sponsor.

I would like to extend and receive support from others who are seeking to recover from workaholism. I would be interested in starting a group in Seattle for partners or adult children of workaholics.

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If you are interested, please email: dugylee AT or call 206-407-9908.My expectations were low, my optimism high, and my libido at a healthy middle ground.Little did I know how unprepared I was for the headaches and heartache that were to come.Although Carrie was always my least favourite, I’ve become her in more ways than I’d like. And trust me, the irony of writing this article isn’t lost on me either.Driven by emotions, reeking of cigarette smoke, and constantly thinking back to the last meaningless encounter with Mr. When I rejoined the world of online dating this time around, I was sure I was ready.I have recently been working on these WA steps with my OA sponsor, but I would be interested in having an on line female WA sponsor who has completed 4-9 with another sponsor. While we are apart now - the pain lingers and the questions remain.I had no idea what I was dealing with until it was too late.This wasn’t my first time giving online dating a try, and at the young age of 22, I was actually cocky enough to think that I understood the games to come.Two tumultuous months later, I am 20 pounds lighter, my GPA is a whole grade below where it usually stands, and my phone is full of questionable screenshots.Detailed contact information can generally be found on the meetings page., idolizing the cosmopolitan lives of Samantha, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte.


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    Also, please let us know when the information is out-of-date and needs to be changed. I am interested in starting a online group for people who speak spanish.…

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