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Once returned to her kennel she was so heartbroken she refused to move or go on walks (pictured) But unbeknownst to Lana's millions of fans, they returned her to the shelter in July, because they realised she was not the kind of dog to be petted and given belly rubs, but one that preferred having a job and being outdoors (pictured at her first foster home)'Lana's adoption did not work out because people want a dog they can pet and play with,' Brenda Dobranski, founder of Rescue Dogs Match, told The Dodo.'Lana is a silly fun girl but she is not the type of dog that will let you give belly rubs to and sleep in bed with.

She loves to have a job.'She went to a boarding shelter until October 2016.

It is superb for those who are inclined towards technical equipment.

This is an activity that can be adopted as a hobby.

A lonely Labrador who was dubbed the 'saddest dog in the world' faces being put down in a week after she was rejected by a second family.

Lana's plight touched the hearts of millions of dog lovers in 2015 after a photo of her looking depressed in her kennel when her foster family returned her went viral.

The Labrador may be put to sleep since she has not been able to find a permanent home for three years.

She was adopted by a family in 2015 - but they returned her after she snapped at the mother just once while protecting her food.


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