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Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this from a site like this and if anyone has an experience with it. Obviously since this thread WASN'T deleted, people are wondering where the heck they can get NSA. Although, if you do this, you'll lose your option to post to half of the women [email protected]: I'm not really concerned about posting to people here for dates, I'm married, not looking for anything except shooting the breeze.If you never have to use them, that might be a good sign for your second date.About The Author: Lance Metzger writes about relationships, offline and online dating.I think it has something to do with a DNS look-up, and then filtering through all the paperwork to find the actual registrant.You’ll often come across some confusing acronyms when you’re online dating, and one of the most common ones is “NSA,” which just means “no strings attached.” People who are looking for no strings attached want a casual sexual encounter without any sort of commitment.Most people don't figure that out that someone is a bad match until they have gone on two or three dates.The pen and paper is simply a tool designed to open the communication channels with the other person.Sometimes it leads to a cool TV story idea I can pitch. Go to your local bar on a friday night and you are bound to find some tequilla driven, sex crazed maniac to make your b! In this day and age you don't really need a website. I was at another site (non-sex site), I found that a lot of the girls that were 'smiling' at me actually were directing me to another pay (sex) site...(and this was under 'dating').We did well with online pedophile stalker's and online prostitution makes for sexy headline stories. If you can find some good techno-computer nerd, he (or she) could probably direct you to the physical sources of these pay sites...2) A sparkle in the eye, and she will pick up the pen and begin to write. You will be surprised at the depth of some of the questions asked. She is not easily intimidated, and she certainly will not be afraid to ask you ANY questions.3) She will push the paper aside and begin to speak. In this instance, she will quickly ask the most personal questions that she could ever think to ask on a first date.


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