Not validating feelings

Judgment of your partner’s experience is an attempt to protect yourself.To empathize with your partner at a level that creates healing and brings you closer demands your full focus on your partner’s message.Validation from others is one of the best tools to help emotionally sensitive people manage their emotions effectively.

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Or maybe you made some statements when you were sad that you didn’t really mean or agreed to something when you were thinking with your heart that you later regretted ?

Or maybe you wanted to be supportive and helpful to someone you love but couldn’t because your own emotions made it difficult?

Communicating when overwhelmed with emotion does not usually work well.

The problem with this kind of response is that it invalidates the other person.

I know when others have tried to “fix” my feelings, I’ve ended up resenting them because it made me feel foolish for feeling that way in the first place.


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