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Read More     |     Request Samples Not a single tree is chopped down to produce Millboard.Millboard decking is designed & hand crafted in the U. from a low energy classed process, as such Millboard composite is the sustainable choice in decking.Potassium-argon dating gives and age of between 25 and 26 million years.

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Because Millboard composite decking contains no timber fibres, there are no sugars to host mould or algae!

Millboard deck is perfect for pools, beaches or wet areas where regular timber (or composites which typically contain timber or flour) will rot & decay over time.

Millboard decking is virtually maintenance free and is the world's finest 100% wood-free composite decking.

With the incredible realistic look of natural timber, Millboard decking provides an external flooring solution without the hassles associated with traditional wood or composite products.

Read more Drawing on European-style côté piscine indulgence, this gorgeous Coppered Oak Enhanced Grain Millboard deck ties together a perfect pool-side escape.

Did we mention it comes with it's own private butler?

Millboard decking is hand-moulded from original timber, then hand-coloured to recreate the warm authentic look of timber.

Enhanced Grain Made from select Prime English Oak timber molds, Millboard Decking's Enhanced style showcases a smooth, natural wood-grain finish with a modern elegance. The Enhanced Grain style is available in six stunning colours.

Millboard decking contains no timber, nor any plastic!

It's totally non-porous - meaning it doesn't absorb moisture, making it more stable than traditional decking or composites, & is highly stain resistant, spills won't penetrate the surface!


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