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I think I might be one of the few people on here who writes about Vulcans other than Sarek and Spock (and Soval to a lesser extent).

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In general, I love all the Vorta, but Weyoun remains my favorite, followed closely by Gelnon for some reason (he shows up in three of my stories, so...).

I also like the Vulcans and the Romulans, and I plan to write stories about both of them in the future.

I fell in love with the Doctor and moved on to Deep Space Nine, since I had heard that it was a great show. I was drawn to Odo's aloof yet lovable personality, but then Jeffrey Combs walked on camera as Weyoun, and I first sight.

How can one Vorta be so evil, so cruel, and yet so utterly, completely, so undeniably seductive, sexy...enticing? So that is why you'll find that the bulk of my DS9 stories are devoted to him.

Here's a list of the Vulcan/Human Enterprise stories divided by category.(Lighter Universe)Dear Ambassador Soval - complete Out of Darkness - Genie's other niece, Bridget, is living on Earth with her Uncle Soval and Aunt Genie.

Will Bridget accept the boy Soval chose for her, or will she choose her own path? (in progress)I intend to be on this site for a very long time, and I hope I never lose that spark of creation.I appreciate you all, and you make my days brighter. Don't worry, I'll get back to the unfinished ones in time.I want to concentrate on finishing the stories that are so close to completion, but I'd like my readers to be aware that I won't be updating the hiatus stories for a while.(Foundation Story)The continuation of Disgrace and Honor. The ancient past returns to the halls of the house of Surak while the clan wants to bring Surak's widow into the folds, but are they willing to go against a Matron's orders.Meanwhile the bloodline of Surak might be bigger than history taught.The human niece of Ambassador Sarek and the late Amanda Grayson has been orphaned, and brought to Vulcan II to be cared for.While there, it will not only be her uncle and cousin who learn more about what it means to be human, but also she...always a girl! I originally signed up on this site so I could review other people's work, but then I tried my hand at fanfiction and fell in love.My first love was Harry Potter, however, I don't want to write any fanfiction about it.Until my math teacher recommended The Original Series.I originally thought Spock was the most amazing character on the show (and yes, I still hold fast to the belief that he is awesome), but I found myself drawn more and more to Mc Coy. One thing led to another, and I discovered Voyager.


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