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You can make a normal one, a funny, a pervert or even your Real profile. Likes: Penises, attractive people, running and taxidermy. fishing, building, driving, walking, these kind of legitimate human stuff. Build: I'm a human, a very good looking one, not suspicious at all, I like space stuff like flying saucers and, well I'm a human what else should I need right? About me: I'm a human, like you, I like doing human stuff, that's why I want to meet other humans (alot please), If you want to talk with me with your mind, Internet message me (don't ask me how please! Likes: I like humans, doing scientific stuff like you do to animals, creating hybrids (from animals!! I mean IAA and also hobos of the human city called Lerbty City, no Liberty City, yes, me no speak very much well the name. Likes: Jogging in Middle Park, fast cars and tanning myself on boat decks. Dislikes: Mean people, fat-hairy man, violence, animal murdering, pollution, extreme metal, wars, hypocrisy, stress, close-minded people, spiders, bees, misogyny, rapists, drug-addicts, BDSM, homophobia, xenophobia, mustard, squash, beer and disgusting stuff.

You just have fill up these things: Nickname: Gender: Age: Location: Job: Sexuality: Build: About me: Likes: Dislikes: Cum Get Sum1987 Age: 57 Sex: Male Location: Wherever you want , usualy alderny Job: pro whit van driber, pro ladees man (cant get any others, job men don't like registerd sex offenders) Sexuality: Straight as a Stick Build: Big Personality About Me: I'll be straight with you, I don't do romance. Dislikes: Vaginas, cops, my medications, mirrors, psychiatrists, sunlight and my mom... Nickname: Vic The Cop Gender: Male Age: 27 Location: Westdyke Job: LEO at the WDSD Sexuality: Straight Build: Fit enough to do boot camp and the WDSD physical test About me: Sargent at the WDSD. Dislikes: Gay haters Name: Pinco Dieloarnoa Age: 67 Sex: Something else Location: Broker sex shop Job: none sexuality: depends build: super hot tight and big About me: I love flying cockroaches and plastic 60 inch dildos baby. About me: I'm a Polish guy who suffered a lot back in the day, I had to do a lot to achieve what I got right now.

Call your friend and perform activities with him on a regular basis to increase your 'like stat'.

This stat (amongst other friend stats) can be accessed from the pause menu under the 'Stats' section.

Don't call her too frequently or her respect for you will drop.

Niko bellic dating profile

You can date as many girls as you like, but the more you take on the harder it becomes.

Clicking the "Date" button would give an instant wanted level.

just to clarify you tall bitches can take your clown man looking feet to someone else.

My dates are like my scores, watching them from far away while I don't engage in any physical interaction with them Likes: When things go to plan Dislikes: When I'm not paying attention then sticking the wrong thing into the wrong place then finishing too early Nickname: Little Elvis69 Age: 25 Sex: Ys plz lol Location: Paleto Bay Job: Blow or hand Sexuality: I take what I can get About: I'm all about the brown Likes: Beaches, night time, budgie smugglers Dislikes: The sea, stars, budgies. Dislikes: People who act like they have an IQ under 70. People who abuse others or kill are just a waste of oxygen. Brostep (the Skrillex type)/Disco Polo/Mainstream music. Gender: Male Age: 23....looking for younger girls (must be short) Location: Liberty City, Suffolk Job: Foot massager...girls only.

Nickname: Supah Hawt Algonquin Girl69 Gender: Totally a girl, not a dude at all. Sexuality: Straight Build: Hairy & built like a bull About me: I'm a 5'8 Guy with a fantastic beard I give fantastic foot massages...short chicks that is give me your pretty feet forever pretty girls....


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