Never stop dating her

Another way to show you live an attractive lifestyle is through the fun and interesting activities you do.

Whether its classes you’re taking, teams you join, trips you take, volunteer activities…whatever.

When you’re able to make friends easily and fill your social circle with quality, high value individuals.

When you have the confidence to become the person you want to be and go for anything you want in life.

Interest means more when it comes from a guy who has high standards.

It may help to spend some time reflecting on the positive characteristics of your friends – what you like most about them and what makes them good people.

You can demonstrate that you are this type of person by showing you live a high quality lifestyle.

A high quality lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to drink 0 champagne on a yacht with rock stars.

What’s much harder for them to find, and what they’d prefer, is a guy so intriguing that she is compelled to chase him. First she needs to see you as a high value individual.

The type of guy that doesn’t come along every day so she better act fast.


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