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A year ago that would have hurt but now it did not.He realized that he no longer loved Sakura in a romantic way. He was glad to see his sister with the one she loved. Goodnight everyone."End Flashback Naruto did not hear the conversation that happened after he left.

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So if you hurt my sister I will hurt you a thousand times worse." He took another pause before saying.

"Now Sakura you are like my sister and I love you but Sasuke is like my brother. "I want to thank you." He took a pause before saying.

He had lost a lot of people that were important to him. Naruto with any spare time he had thought about her confession. She would defend her friends with all that she had. The rest of her clan on the other hand were happy that she became the perfect heiress so they never cared to figure it out. Many minor villages also lost troops but not enough to really do anything.

Hinata had confessed that she loved Naruto during the attack on the Leaf Village. At least 50 people from each of the five major villages were killed.

He even forgave her for trying to use his feelings against him in the Land of Iron. You are a demon and you deserve to die." Naruto said calmly. However he learned form Sakura that Hinata was nearly killed by Tusande.

Naruto goes up to Hinata and he is about to ask her on a date. However Sakura stopped her master by stating that killing Hinata would only hurt Naruto more.

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I don't like making Hinata in this way so if it seems off that is way. He was ready to get down on his hands and knees if he needed to do that. That would have been difficult but Naruto would have managed it. Hinata was always so sweet and kind however something happened during the battle. Tsuande thought that the village would not only survive but it would come back stronger than ever. This was one of the few times that Naruto did not have a smile on his face either fake or real.

It was suggested that my story Nartuo's best Christmas gift should be a longer story. I am going to add a few things to it but for the most part it will stick to the story line. He knew after a short time that he could fall for her. It was during the final battle that he knew without a doubt that he loved Hinata. After the battle he was going to tell her that he had fallen for her and beg her to give him a chance. Waterfall and Star were the two minor hidden villages that were hit the softest. The Leaf Village had been hit the hardest form all the attacks against it. There strongest all survived the battle and they would see to it that the village would survive.


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