Mineral found in granite radiometric dating

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"If that happens, the places where the lead has been removed, will appear to be younger than they are, while places where the lead has migrated appear older," says Valley.This problem of lead mobility has led some to question the reliabilty of the method for dating zircons, however Valley and colleagues have found it does not affect the isotopic ratios.Similarly, in geologic studies, vast quantities of information from widely spaced outcrops have to be integrated.

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Zircon's crystal structure has specific sites where only atoms of a given size and charge will fit.

Uranium radioactively decays into lead at a known rate, allowing age to be determined based on the ratio of uranium to lead in the sample.

However, there have been concerns over the accuracy of using this method to date zircon crystals, which means there has been uncertainty about the exact age of the Jack Hills sample.

A coin, vessel, or other common artifact could link two archaeological sites, but the possibility of recycling would have to be considered.

It should be emphasized that linking sites together is essential if the nature of an ancient society is to be understood, as the information at a single location may be relatively insignificant by itself.


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