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You come on a show when you're 22-years-old thinking this is the way life is and that it's always going to be like this.

And then you watch the show change and grow and morph and struggle and finally come to realize how much you should have appreciated it when you had the chance.

Michael has been a frequent visitor on America Online.

His first visit was August 30, 1995 and he has been coming on line in as much as his busy schedule allows.

Would they have made this choice if they knew we might be going forward with the show? But at the same time I have to say that I'm very impressed with Lindsay Hartley and have really enjoyed working with her. Knight: There was so much anxiety around the studio.

News outlets and websites would be saying it's all over for and ABC would deny everything.

When I came on they knew Tad was going to sleep with both Liza [Marcy Walker] and her mother, Marian [Jennifer Bassey], but I didn't get to go there for the first year and a half.

It was a year before I even started working with Marcy!

Being on has been an experience that's amazing, sometimes frustrating, sometimes really exciting, sometimes a little boring.

I will never forget the gift Agnes gave me, but I gotta say that the last eight years have not necessarily been easy.


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