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They will also question if Kristen deleted those draws from her phone to Jax, if Stassi regional a constant software to get taking experts that were never registered.

(Some of the subjects’ stories are also illustrated with hand-made puppet shows which have a quirky but dreamy quality to them.) Where other celebrity documentarians mock their normal-folks interviewees, Yi and Jasenovec are generous to their subjects, letting their heartfelt testimonials speak for themselves without smug commentary from the filmmakers. Her stand-up comedy relies on a cutesy hyper-awkward persona punctuated by nervous giggling.

In Paper Heart’s interviews, she keeps those gimmicks in check, but in the fiction section of the film, they creep back up, causing her to come across as not entirely genuine.

During the process, she becomes smitten with Jasenovec’s pal Michael Cera (Cera, as himself) and starts dating him, but their romantic sparks are threatened by Jasenovec’s insistence that they keep filming everything - even the couple’s early courtship.

The real Nicholas Jasenovec directed and co-wrote the film and it’s indicative of the film’s postmodern strategy that one is constantly juggling what is and is not authentic on screen.

Thankfully, this problem is counteracted by Cera’s naturalistic, very funny performance as himself.

Though not largely deviating from the geeky chic characters he played in Juno and Superbad, Cera still gets plenty of comic mileage from his minimalist, ironic demeanour.

Though the film’s cutesy cleverness could have produced an insufferably smug vanity project, Paper Heart turns out to be one of the most refreshing and funny love stories in recent memory.

Bolstered by co-star Michael Cera’s involvement in the super-popular comedies Juno (1m worldwide) and Superbad (0m), Paper Heart, which played as part of Sundance’s U. Dramatic Competition, certainly seems capable of attracting young, hip audiences who will love the movie’s unconventional hybrid of fiction and nonfiction.


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