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we use to be friends u decide to lie to Jay saying u didnt know me but who cares but did u have to look me up and go to my club and post that nasty shit?

what u read was a fictional story not a fucking bio so beofre u sound stupid again do ur fucking homework Well...

The book is definitely worth reading, but if you don't have a ton of time on your hands, the movie is worth checking out, too.

It provides a fascinating look into the stigma of mental illness and how problematic its treatment was in the '60s, especially when it came to women.

Melinda's PTSD is handled in a way that is incredibly eye opening without romanticizing her plight.

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The fact that Suzanne is nicknamed "Crazy Eyes" is definitely problematic, but the show does a great job at showing that Suzanne is incredibly hurt by that label. Sure, Suzanne is quite the character, but the crazy label reduces her to nothing more than her mental stability, completely diminishing her talents and other elements of her personality.Whether you suffer from mental health issues or you just give a care about representation in the media–or both–check out these eight TV shows and movies that feature female characters with mental illnesses.My Mad Fat Diary handles mental illness in such a refreshing, relatable way.While some believe that the show romanticized mental illness, Skins at least managed to show audiences that these problems didn't just come and go in the course of one episode.They were part of these characters lives and impacted their decisions as opposed to running as a mere plot point.Rae, our protaganist, suffers from binge eating and depression. What's so great about the depictions of their health problems is that they don't hold back or try to glamorize their struggles.At the same time, the show also acknowledges that these are teen girls and despite their problems, they aren't only defined by their disorders.It’s been ten years since James Leftwich first created No Longer Lonely, a dating website exclusively for people with mental illnesses. No Longer Lonely has chat rooms, forums, and places for people to post their art. I did model it after the major dating sites, but I added certain categories too, like housing options for Section 8 or ‘I live with my parents’ or ‘I live in a halfway house.’ I thought it was important to have a category for ‘Do you own your own transportation? I’ve had very few people that come on there as a joke or prey on the users, at least that I know of. Do you mind saying what you’ve been diagnosed with? After I was hospitalized, I went to a halfway kind of house. It’s kind of like in prison, where the child molesters are this and the rapists are that and the murderers are that. I don’t want to hang out with him.” That was the main thing of the site, to defeat the stigmas. Connect with people that are experiencing the same thing as you.’ I think that’s equally as important as all those other things.Leftwich spoke with me about the challenges of running the site and about why he believes forming loving relationships should be recommended more frequently than pills. It was one of those things where I looked for something and it didn’t exist. ’ because that can be a big deal among people that are mentally ill. I was diagnosed with what’s called it falls under a schizophrenia spectrum disorder…you’re blessed with both a psychotic disorder and a depressive disorder so it’s one of the more chronic diagnoses. That’s my only hospitalization, but I was there for about two months. By going on the site, you don’t have to worry about disclosing it to anybody. What are your feelings on treating mental illnesses? She didn’t know much about mental illness, but she accepted me.This is a heavy movie, for sure, but abusive family situations are an unfortunate reality for plenty of young women out there.Okay, so we poke fun at Degrassi a lot, but the show does deserve a spot on this list.


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