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Then, after several movements she got down sucking me off properly.After a while Melissa recalled for what purpose she entered the lavatory and started urinating.

On the way back she turned to the lavatory, I followed her tiptoe.

When I looked inside I got stupefied: my Melissa was sitting right on the toilet sink asleep, breathe heavily and snoring a bit with the head, leant against the wall.

I could then recall all my dirty words, addressed to her. My wife took a glass of cold water, drank it at a gulp and dropped it down inadvertently when putting on the table.

It was really one of my days: my orgasm was so tumultuous that I hardly got over it even some minutes later. Frankly I lost courage, if she had heard my words she would stop talking to me for a week easily. The fragment of broken glass scattered all over the kitchen, however she didn’t pay attention to it, and she made her steps out of the kitchen, rounding me like some obstacle.

I lied beside, cuddled up her from behind and tried to fall asleep.

However it seemed that I wouldn’t be able to sleep that night. I had to confess the fact that we had never had anal sex. But she does that first and more than I do because she is a wise wife who knows that the husband is the head of the house. That action has a tangible (impact) impression on our relationship. I was fucking my wife with a sense of duty, slowly, with pauses; it had been continuing for about 40 minutes.By the end of this act she started moving her ass in time with my efforts.I took up fucking her without caring about awaking my wife; I was banging her like some machine-gun, my sperm was squelching into her cunt, I imagined my wife being fucked by any hard-core fucker like a slut, somewhere down the shrub, and then she might have been left there, on the ground and never learn that.I dirty mouthed Melisa badly, first whispering scalds, then louder and louder, so at the time I came, I was badmouthing her openly: - Bitch, slut, whore, fucking strumpet, tart!It was unbelievable sight: my slut was sucking me off while relieving nature. It turned out that my wife didn’t swallow it entirely, moreover, she began spitting out my cum, and it poured down her chin.Melissa turned to be such a lusty whore; I could not believe my eyes. Then I started cleaning the kitchen, when I finished my doing up I returned to the bedroom where my lovely was sleeping on the counterpane as if nothing had happened to her earlier.Truly, my wife blew me only a few times and now I could have what I wanted.She opened her eyes with surprise, but didn’t resist.


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