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The only in-field of Speed Seduction Ive ever seen is on You Tube.Ross Jeffries picks up a woman at a cafe, I'd post the link but the forum won't let me at the moment.The only times i found that it worked as it's "written on the box", was when i was a little drunk.

I think i'm starting to understand why there are so few vods of people trying this out.

There seems to be a matter of creep or master, with little else in between.

I saw these awhile ago and it shows that even if you are really super creepy, with a foreign accent in America, and look like a total nerd this shit can work.

For better or worse, you can see when it works and when it all goes down hill.

Louis Theroux works up a sweat with a group of professional wrestlers as he records a call-out to the wrestling world.

A fake SAS love rat who scammed two girlfriends and a retired police chief in a £110,000 swindle has been jailed for four years.

Here are some clips that may be the reason why people love Louis and has made him one of the most recognisable documentary filmmakers in the world.

He has that deadpan style of comedy but he really isn’t trying to be funny as he finds himself in unique situations and how he deals with it at times is hilarious.

To enroll in a course with a hypnotist Marshall Sylver who seems to have much in common with the likes of Jimmy Swaggart – he says that you can make a millionaire, but when Louis asks customers to fulfill their successful things take a different turn .

Luis is also connected with Ross Jeffries, who is almost a clone of TJ Mackey in Magnolia just creepy.


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