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I have various income streams such as my own musical career, while TV presenting has been pretty regular work. One of the nicest things is that twice a year I receive royalties on quite a few of the Atomic Kitten songs, which I helped write.It is very encouraging that songwriting can pay so well.

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I was very young and still living at home when I joined the band and we started out being given £15 a week.

When we got our record deal, at 17, our wages were £300 or £350, which for a youngster was pretty good.

My manager, accountant, solicitor and the agents I work with are all good people.

They weigh up every situation so well and work things to my best advantage. About eight or nine years ago I found out about a property deal.

Apartments in north London were being sold off cheaply because the developer had messed up on the plans for how many could be put into a building.

I could have bought two flats as a duplex at a knockdown price.

Atomic Kitten's Liz Mc Clarnon has revealed that she "never actually thought once" about marrying Blue's Lee Ryan.

The popstars got engaged in 2003 after two years of dating.

If I am at home one night and the QVC channel is on the TV, I am in trouble.

What’s been the most difficult lesson you’ve learnt about money or business?


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