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Read On Added: | Category: Lesbian | Words: 4,088 | Tags: snowstorm lesbian toy older female/younger female cunnilingus | 9 Comments The first time Candice saw Agatha was at a Yeah Yeah Yeahs concert. It was utterly unreasonable of me to be jealous, and I was not even sure that I was; something else was going on.

She waited in line about fifteen people ahead of Candice, wearing a short red plaid skirt and a faded black Nine Inch Nails T-shirt cut into a crop-top. It was plain that Ayesha and Jess loved each other; what I had seen was not simple lust at work.

Every chat room has its own tempo and environment, so if you try one chat room and don't like it this does not mean that you won't like any chat room you try.

Participating in a lesbian chat room can be an exciting experience, whether it is for finding love or just chatting with similar people .

Read On Added: | Category: Lesbian | Words: 3,751 | Tags: feet lesbian mask wrestling domination power play cum | 9 Comments The reunion Helena and I rode in slience. When we reached the armoury the other women were already donning their war gear.

My thoughts were back in the sacred space where Ana and I had loved so recently. Anastasia put on her black breastplate over the chain mail, and fitted her sword-belt. But, wanting to be useful, grabbed a small bow and several quivers of arrows. " I suddenly peeked towards the hallway that led to the bedrooms and instantly began licking my lips. Read On Added: | Category: Lesbian | Words: 4,551 | Tags: lesbian fetish spanking itm | 10 Comments Stranded by a blinding snowstorm, they make the best of it!

These can be first time lesbians, women who are into group lesbian sex, or just women in love with other women.

Feel free to post your lesbian stories here for others to enjoy and embellish.

I'm standing before the locker room's floor-length mirror, making sure every blade of my cropped, fire-red hair is gelled into place, tightening my wrist and ankle wraps so that Rhea won't have a chance to snap my joints while we're rolling around the ring.

The concrete floor is cool against my feet, and I hop on my toes a... My fate was not to be the concubine of the Padishah that those who picked me had planned; no, it was something far stranger, and more strenuous. Read On Added: | Category: Lesbian | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 2,078 | Tags: lesbian historical romantic | 9 Comments The Sacred Stair Anastasia pulled me with her.


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