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On the other hand, it probably won’t taste too good anymore, so maybe it should be tossed. Our Advisory Board scientists have provided guidance, and manufacturers’ websites and customer service phone staff offer additional information.

Both Ragu and its sister brand Bertolli, however, do NOT recommend freezing its cheese-based sauces, so if you're considering buying a jar of that, know that this involves genuine commitment to it.

We haven't yet found a dessert recipe that sounds quite appealing enough to recommend (feel free to offer). Source(s): Websites and customer service phone lines mentioned in the article.

That house was just so full of love.” Less than 24 hours later, Harrison took his last breath with his wife, Olivia, 54, and son Dhani, 23, by his bedside.

Manufacturers’ Websites on Open, Refrigerated Sauce The website FAQ's of most brands address the issue of the open jar almost immediately, with the exception of Prego's, which was no help at all on practically anything, but it does link you to some delightful recipes at Campbell's Kitchen.

Others--Classico, Barilla, Ragu, Newman's Own—answer the questions, and there's not a lot of daylight between them. Ragu and Newman's Own stretch it to 7 days, with the latter adding this disclaimer: “They may keep longer but are susceptible to spoilage.” The aforementioned Francesco Rinaldi puts the maximum for best quality at 5 days, adding, “It is worth noting however, that this length of time can vary quite a bit based on a variety of factors including the temperature of your refrigerator and how long it sits out while being used.” What Customer Service Told Us The customer service rep and website FAQ for a particular brand do not always agree. Ditto the Francesco Rinaldi brand alfredo and vodka sauces.Pasta sauce left in the freezer longer than 3 months may suffer a decrease in quality, but it will still be safe to eat since pathogens cannot grow at freezer temperatures. Frail and bedridden at a friend’s Los Angeles home, the 58-year-old former Beatle was losing his four-year battle with cancer, and close friends were arriving to say their final goodbyes. “He wasn’t able to say anything with his lips, but his eyes were saying it. with her father, Ravi, 81, Harrison’s Indian music mentor, to spend the day with her “Uncle George.” “He had a look that I’d never really seen before, so full of love and peace,” says Shankar, 20.“He was a beautiful man,” Mc Cartney told reporters outside his East Sussex home.“He was like my baby brother.” Ringo Starr, 61, visiting friends in Vancouver, said he would miss Harrison “for his sense of love, his sense of music and his sense of laughter.” Olivia and Dhani held an intimate memorial service on Dec.Then, in April, he underwent radiotherapy for a brain tumor at the Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland.By October, Harrison’s condition was deteriorating; living in an Italian lakeside villa, he was emaciated and hallucinating from painkilling medication, friends say.But his air of mystery provided a different cachet, and his curiosity—he was the first Beatle to embrace sitars, meditation and Eastern religion—helped move the group beyond three-minute love songs and mop-top haircuts and into the center of 1960s counterculture. A reluctant celebrity who jealously guarded his privacy—even his death certificate listed an apparently nonexistent address—he railed against the grim public prognoses of his health and searched the world for a cure, using a string of pseudonyms to check into hospitals from Switzerland to Staten Island.A lifelong smoker, Harrison first found a lump in his neck in July 1997 and, after successful radiation treatment for throat cancer, promised in ’98, “I’m not going to die on you folks just yet.” But in March 2001 he flew to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., to have a cancerous growth removed from one of his lungs.


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