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(Another interesting fact: in Britain gold is spelled “carat” with a “c”; in the United States “karat” is spelled with a “k”.In the absence of other indicators this can help you determine country of origin.) 1870: The word “Sterling” started to be stamped on US jewelry.Construction of this extraordinary feat of engineering began in the fifth century B. The Great Wall, as it exists currently, was extended by the Ming Dynasty during the 1400s to defend against the Mongolian armies to the north.

(Another interesting fact: in Britain gold is spelled “carat” with a “c”; in the United States “karat” is spelled with a “k”.

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If a piece of pearl jewelry is clearly pre-1916, there is a good chance that the pearls are natural (although larger, valuable, natural pearls were sometimes sold and replaced with cultured pearls).

1918: The country known as Czechoslovakia was formed following WWI.

Dating jewelry is done through multiple methods: looking at design and stylistic clues; at construction techniques; at hallmarks; at materials used; and at patent numbers.

However there are certain discoveries, inventions, and historic events that are milestones in jewelry history and knowing a few of them can help narrow down the date of a lot of pieces and eliminate some faulty attributions.

Prior to 1870 coin silver (900 silver) was the US standard.

1895: the oxyacetylene torch was invented in 1895, which enabled jewelers to melt and cast platinum and fuse it to itself.

Therefore, if jewelry is marked 9, 12, or 15 carat it is post-1854.

However the alloys used in earlier jewelry were sometimes inconsistent and may test as lower than 18 carat so the presence of lower-grade gold doesn’t automatically date a piece as post-1854.

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