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; Antiwhite sociobabble of the month; Headless chicken — Signoff: A classic of Edwardian sentimentality Intro — Norks act nice — Russia regresses — Jeff deploys the ascending impulsive — How long shall we put up with Antifa?— Miscellany: Italy swings populist; Oscars, zzzzzz; Yellow is the new black in South Africa; RIP Roger Bannister; The thing we least want to think about; In praise of Jordan Peterson; A clown tries politics, quits in disgust — Signoff: How long, O Lord?

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Intro — Trump agrees with the last thing anyone said — Time to dump Trump?

— Don't just do something, sit there — China: All is now as it was — A new May Fourth Movement?

————————— Radio Derb has been on the air as a podcast since mid-2004.

It's a once-a-week 30- or 40-minute commentary, usually posted on Friday midday, covering news events from the week.

— Weapons of mass migration — Miscellany: Political hero of the week; Why do poor Californians do so well in college?

; The last Miss Bum Bum pageant — Signoff: Country classic Intro: American Renaissance conference fortress — Where are the grownups?

— Google's squid ink — Cast down your bucket where you are!

— Miscellany: Senegal story; So ronery; Hawaii dive-o …

— Miscellany: Intro — Somali averages are terrible — Somalis' twofer privilege — It ain't over till the alien wins — MS-13 among the kulaks — Immigrants are better than us, series #22,894 — Miscellany: Vexed by the Pope; Strategic deportation; Thoughts of Chairman Blair; Snake bites woman — Signoff: With a song you can understand — Can-kicking news — Totalitarian capitalism: China got there first — The bollardization of the West — George Adamski lives!

— Miscellany: Greek justice; Dreaming of a white campus; The net worth gap; "Jingle Bells" is racist!


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