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Now I have to take care of a perverted Frenchman, a gender-neutral chibi thing, and a trigger happy chocolate lover for a full year! But what happens when that mask is suddenly taken away? Most spirits have helpers, the Tooth Fairy has her mini fairies, Santa Clause has his yetis and elves, the Easter Bunny has giant stone warriors, Sandy has his own sand to help him with his work, and Pitch Black has his nightmares, but what about Jack Frost? When Jeanne d' Arc was killed, Francis was devastated.When she comes back nearly six hundred years later, he is over-joyed.

Now she's on a journey with her brother Black to overcome it.

) White understands Pokemon, but an incident left her with a crippling fear of them.

When his emotions explode, will he see how much the Nordics care for him or will he continue to isolate himself from them? What she doesn't realize is that she will be sorting through issues that have existed for centuries. But her life changes when a globe brings the human forms of countries into her life. Sticks to story line, but is different enough to be fresh. After a thunderstorm hits, the electricity goes out. The girl in the real world has grown into a mature young woman and finds herself entranced by the lonely painting. Information given by the one who wants this written.

Can they help her rise above her problems or will a secret the nations hold drive her further off the edge? Let's face it- The Countries just can't work together! You soon find yourself where everyday is filled with horror. Reunited, the two journey through a maze of mysteries to regain memories that were once lost. Garry x Ib HIATUS o TLAmerica and Japan have a daughter. While America was sending her on her flight to Japan, she ended up on a flight to england instead. Not Ameripan pairing , but read A/N insidemake a wish and it has to come true! Rated T for Romano's very dirty mouth and a couple suggestive situations... A young capital of South Korea makes her appearance as she begins to recognize her feelings for her older, respectful brother, Wang Yao China . Character belongs to Noriko Matthews; story belongs to me; and Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekazu. C: Kristy's been hearing voices for a while, something that she finds comforting in the months following that horrific day. After war, Ludwig is asked to fix a Nation no one can stand. When America tells the States to let him sleep they're determined to make sure that nothing wakes him.

By surfing the internet, Alice accidently stumbles across Heta-Fantasies, a website that sells life-sized Hetalia dolls. It was her brother who spent the most time with them and knew them the best.

Or at least, that's what she thinks they sell until a walking, talking Prussia unit is delivered to her doorstep. They were friends, but she believed that becoming the manager would not change their relationship one bit.However, she soon realizes that there is more to the bond between them than just misunderstanding names. Follow Chrisco, a Canadian Elder Tale player as he is thrown into the very game he loved.How will he face the world of Elder tale as it becomes more than a game, only one way to find out! It started as just a lie to hide from an ex-boyfriend.A sixteen year old girl from our world doesn't fit in, for her talent in magic is only appreciated by children. What are friendship, love and brotherhood in the wake of so much pain?While in another world there is someone who is all by themselves, alone in the snow. OC x Jack Frost America is going to die in one year. If every loop really happened and everything that happened was really real, then how can a corrupt world even try to move on? Hope Marianne Boyd gets an once in a lifetime opportunity to save the history that she knows and loves. Based off Kaito's "Demon and Daughter" Kaitox Miku Ukiah was a lone, teen hunter who lived in a secluded forest that no one bothered to go.On top of that, he must attend Circle Academy, the most prestigious international school in the world.While striving to fit in with this new family and make friends, Alfred must keep his past from returning to haunt him, lest he lose all chance he has for happiness. Put them together in one cabin, throw in some eccentric cabin mates, a couple broken drumsticks, and maybe even a little blackmail and it's the perfect recipe for summer love Welcome newcomers to the Hetalia world!-Globe fic-This Lady and Tramp fanfiction (used to be called Belle and Max AKA Lady and the Tramp) is based on the idea that the two iconic characters are humans.Belle is sixteen years old, living in wealth and splendor, until she meets the rowdy Max.How is the world going to react when they find out what really happened when America disappeared for so long. Please R&R"If I'm not part of the Nordics, where do I belong? The Big 8 have been assigned a special mission: to become temporary substitute teachers at an American high school! A retelling of the HTTYD story, but with a female Hiccup. You have just purchased your very own JACK FROST Unit. She and Violet have to return America and the rest of the nations back to their universe, or else the anime will cease to exist. When two girls, Anna and Olivia, end up in the Hetalia world chaos follows, but then again, so does love. But when everything goes wrong and she is rescued by a stranger called Vash, she feels hope rise up in her soul once more. Little does he know that there are two Hetalia fangirls who are dying to meet him! While sleeping over at America's house, England has his first encounter with one of the States." Sealand is tired of not being included in his adopted family's affairs. A woman gets a job as a therapist for a very secret group of individuals at the UN. Ailín already believed she had enough issues to deal with. With "normal" names and knowledge to rival a computer, what could possibly... Meant to explore some 'missed' scenes, and give more insight into various characters. This manual was written in order to allow you to make the most of your Unit's potentials, and it is highly recommended that you carefully peruse this before unpacking your Unit to avoid frostbites... After receiving a new video game, you start playing it like any average teenager. He then gets to go through the process of being introduced to the rest of America's children. The man in the portrait has been asleep, forgotten, for five long years.


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