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"In Rails 4 the validations class has been changed to Active Record.Tweet When you’re designing a form most of you will mark required fields with an asterisk (*).

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However, if you have only one phone, type N/A for "not applicable" into one of the two boxes.' The support post ‘Amend "all fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required" Statement’ is closed to new replies. Create a new support post in our support forums and include a link to this existing support post so we can help you.

class Action View:: Helpers:: Form Builder alias :orig_label :label # add a 'required' CSS class to the field label if the field is required def label(method, content_or_options = nil, options = nil, &block) if content_or_options && content_or_options.class == Hash options = content_or_options else content = content_or_options end if object.class.validators_on(method).map(&:class).include?

Although for contact forms or checkout forms there will always be information that is optional e.g. I made the decision not to include a legend on my own contact page.

My thoughts here are that: Depending on who your website is aimed at, you may or may not have to include a legend.

Similarly to my blog post about signup forms requiring confirmation passwords, I’m interested in your perspective on this.

If all fields in a form are required should they be marked somehow (eg. People don't really read instructions and don't want to risk encountering an issue if they haven't filled in any fields, so they'll often just fill in them all regardless.

In most cases a form legend will look something like so: * Required field When you design a website there is typically at least one type of form (contact) and possibly many others (sign up, checkout etc.).

Sometimes I do include a legend and sometimes I don’t - but do we need to?

There could be a difference in big forms and small forms, but in big ones I would add a note at the top that all fields are required, but I wouldn't necessarily do that on small ones. You'll often find that users will just fill in all fields on a form regardless of whether they're required or not.

(This has been somewhat supported by testing by the Baymard Institute - although in their case they were looking at how users interact with forms directly following on from previous errors).


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