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The only people who benefited from this act of terror are the Jews.This is not the first time Israel and the Jews have done something like this in the name of someone else to further their own selfish needs.

Israel says its army has destroyed the longest and deepest tunnel ever dug by Palestinian Islamists Hamas on Sunday.

The tunnel, which Israel says would have 'cost millions to build', allegedly began below the Gaza Strip and went on for 'several kilometres', well into Israeli territory.

'Residents of Gaza: Hamas is burning your money on tunnels to nowhere.' The tunnel crossed into Israeli territory by several yards, as illustrated in a video posted by the IDF on Twitter, but did not yet have an exit point, military spokesman Jonathan Conricus told journalists.'We filled the tunnel with material that renders it useless for a very long period of time,' Conricus said, adding that explosives had not been used'According to our early assessments, this tunnel reaches kilometres, several kilometres, into the Gaza Strip.'The tunnel came from the area of Jabaliya in the northern Gaza Strip and was being dug in the direction of the Nahal Oz community in Israel, he said.

It was the fifth Gazan tunnel destroyed by Israel in recent months, Conricus said.

Bernie added that Sharon, who was delighted for having his speech on top of the festival agenda, asked the head of the organization to mediate and convince the Shabak to change its position, but his attempts were in vain.

The next day after Sharon's secretary officially announced that Sharon would not participate the incident took place.This means the Jews knew and were prewarned about the accident that the WTC was going to be hit.... In every crime you look at who has most to benefit from the act.In this case this crime has been a disaster for America, for the world and also for Arabs and Musilms.Israel destroyed it over the course of the weekend.The operation comes after protests along the Gaza border since March 30 that have led to clashes in which Israeli forces have killed 34 Palestinians and wounded hundreds of others.He said Hamas, which runs the Gaza Strip, began building it after the 2014 war between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza, including Hamas.Israel has fought three wars with the Islamist movement Hamas since 2008, and the group has used tunnels to carry out attacks in the past.For its part, the Israeli Ha'aretz newspaper revealed that the FBI arrested five Israelis four hours after the attack on the Twin Towers while filming the smoking skyline from the roof of their company's building.The FBI had arrested the five for "puzzling behavior".In this case it seems that it is clear to all that the Jews/Israel have most to gain and should be considered as a possible source behind this act. Is it any surprise that this story emanated from sources such as Pravda and the pro-Palestinian “Channel of Arabs and Muslims”?I hope the FBI follows the smoking gun as no one will commit an act unless he has something to gain from it, Israel should be a prime suspect in this case. Why would Israel follow such a course of action, betray its staunchest ally, and doom thousands of innocent Americans to death?


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