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The entire time Jeff and Jordan kept in touch via skype and numerous phone calls each day.But their fans, knew that wasn't enough so the fan site once again stepped in and paid for Jeff and Jordan to fly to Italy and reunite after enduring 80-days apart.

Jeff, accompanied by Director Zsolt Luka began making their way west through the States and just as they were about to leave the country Jeff stopped by the Big Brother House once again to meet up one last time with Jordan to co-host the Big Brother 12 POV.

Competition "Lovers Lane" From there Jeff, with the help from this fan site, Mt Fuji, helped bring Cambodian locals fresh Water, met his Asian BB doppelgänger on the set of BB Thailand, Toured the slums of India, followed by a swing by Dracula's Castle in Romania.

So both were excited about the Jeff and Jordan started the race off strong, coming in first on the first leg, however after a series of bad luck and choices, Jeff and Jordan were eliminated from the race on the 6th leg.

Jeff, being so competitive, was upset but came to realize that he and Jordan were winners in the end because they had a once in a lifetime adventure and the stress didn't hurt him & Jordan After the Race Jeff and Jordan returned to their respective homes to once again deal with the strain that was the long distance between them.

It’s for me, my mom and my brother – it’s three bedrooms and two baths. My niche would be hosting so I can be myself and crack jokes. I took Jeff shopping at the mall and the guy helping was was like, ‘the lady next to you is freaking out, she loves y’all.’ I was like, ‘Really?

I loved some of the stuff he said like ‘biz natch.’ Have you spent your winnings yet? I just closed on a townhouse yesterday so I’m at the new place right now. Do you want to do more work in front of the camera? Hopefully this opened a couple of doors and I can keep it rolling. Right after the show, we’d only go about four days before seeing each other. Jordan We always said on the show that nobody was watching it and how it was the worst. People notice us when we’re together more than when we are by ourselves. As soon as Jeff and Jordan lost power, Jeff was put up for eviction against Jordan and they both realized this was the end of their game together.Jeff was evicted leaving Jordan to fight alone, but using all the encouragement and wisdom Jeff had given her throughout the game, she proved everyone wrong and got herself to the final 2.Jordan would soon find new distractions to help her deal with Jeff's absence in the form of school and a weekly show on Superpass.Meanwhile, Jeff prepared to begin his journey but not before one last stop in Charlotte to share an emotional farewell with Jordan. I haven’t gone back to work yet because there’s been a lot of stuff going on. Jordan When CBS told us about it, I was so scared because I had never acted before. Jordan At first I didn’t want to, but then we did . If that doesn’t work out, I always wanted to be a dental hygienist. I moved out of the Matthews toward Waxhaw (North Carolina). You know when you go to prom and there’s a DJ guy who normally announces the prom king and queen? I don’t know how great of an actor I am – to get up with big actors, I might ruin the scene. ’ Jeff I just started Twittering and people are like, ‘Why aren’t you answering people? Jeff officially launched the show with an interview on the CBS Early Show with Julie Chen.than left for his journey to circumnavigate the globe with no money in his pocket only able to rely on fans and strangers for help.Jeff and Jordan spent a magical 3 days together in Italy with some of Jeff's family as he showed Jordan a bit of his family's lineage.Some good wine, eats, romantic strolls and a trip to Pisa and Jordan and Jeff once again parted.


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