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This is all done in such a subtle way that you are unaware of it. They must have power or perish, and it is all one to them if they misuse their power or crush others in their efforts to seize power.If you do confront an invalidator on what she is doing, she will say something like, "OH, come on now! These invalidators can be particularly nasty characters if they get into positions of power.Judgment A person who is responsible for their feelings would say they are angry that you didn't do such and such. Building You Up, Cutting You Down Be careful who you depend on for your self-esteem.

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When someone attacks you for something you didn't do, it says more about them than it does you. You will find many double messages like this from an invalidator. Usually, you end of feeling weird or bad without realizing why.For example, a person who doesn't like you says, "I don't think you like me." This statement perhaps gets you questioning yourself.It thereby puts the attention on you, and you start looking at your own feelings instead of noticing the other person's feelings.The more truth there is in a generalization, the more it can be exaggerated. " You can't answer this question without appearing wrong.A person who uses generalizations does so to be in control of another. She walks out in the middle of a conversation, creating a logjam of unspoken thoughts piled up in your mind.This provides a good hiding place for the other person.The one doing the accusing is often calling you to task for things she herself is doing. Double Message It is well known that double messages in childhood contribute to schizophrenia.In doing this, the invalidator attacks your self-esteem instead of the real problem. You may often be pressured to let her have things her way. The whole idea is to get you introverted and introspective so that you don't notice what is going on outside yourself.When a judgment had you going, especially if made by someone you love or respect, you were upset by this even if you don't think of yourself as stupid, or irresponsible, or whatever title the invalidator was attaching to you. She will use sneaky methods of manipulation, or outright methods of domination. Sneak Attack "I don't want to upset you but..." (He probably does want to upset you.) "I don't mean to interrupt . Once you start looking anxiously and self-consciously at yourself, the invalidator will subtly draw your attention to all your most negative qualities. The invalidator puts you in a position where you are "wrong if you do, wrong if you don't." The solution is to get out of the introverting logic set up by the invalidator so you can view the while situation.He will even invent perfectly logical reasons why you wouldn't have wanted the job anyway.That is, unless he wants to destroy you completely.


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