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(Apparently, this was in the days before Hero Insurance.)This chapter provides examples of: The end of the cattle boom in The Wild West means yet another career change for Scrooge: prospecting.

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and subsequently losing all the money from his sale in paying fees, fines, and bills for the damages caused on this adventure.This chapter provides examples of: Desperately wanting to see Scrooge again, Goldie decides there's only one logical thing to do: take advantage of the town's hatred for Scrooge and press charges against him for kidnapping her with the newly arrived Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Anyone could press charges against him but she was the only one who wasn't afraid of hitting Scrooge's Berserk Button).Scrooge makes the dangerous journey back to town in a storm as a wildfire burns out of control and almost meets up with Goldie in the burning Blackjack Saloon before a fire hose knocks him unconscious.While working his homestead near the Anaconda Hill Copper Works ("the richest hill on Earth"), he meets millionaire Self-Made Man Howard Rockerduck, who, to the disdain of his wife and Spoiled Brat son (one John D.Rockerduck) who have forgotten his humble beginnings, teaches him the art of prospecting. Rockerduck: This man has a homestead on land where the Anaconda copper vein is only five feet deep!He hopes to gain his fortune as the manager of a ranch in the future, but for now, he gains the nickname Buck Mc Duck, a friend whom he recommends go back into politics, and a tough but ornery horse he names after his similar-tempered sister, Hortense, who will be around for a few chapters.This chapter provides examples of: During his stint as a Montana cowboy, Scrooge takes a trip on the famous Cutty Sark clipper to deliver two longhorn bulls to the sultan of Djokja in Java for an annual bullteam race.But first, he saves an Aborigine wiseman from a bandit, and hears the legend of the Dreamtime.The wiseman also shows him the cave with the Dreamtime story painted and carved into its walls, along with a sacred opal the size of a melon.Furious at being double-crossed, he makes his way to civilization in his typical badass fashion, finds the scoundrel, vents his anger in a Humiliation Conga, and throws him in jail.He doesn't strike it rich in the low-grade Transvaal soil and eventually packs up and leaves with the vow never to trust anybody again, thanks to a lesson from his least noble enemy yet, whatever-his-name-was . Barnum, Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley, and a Native American guy named Gokhlayeh to track down the Dalton Gang when they rob Barnum's wild west show.


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