Intimidating shout macro target

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In 3.1 Warbringer now allows intercept to be used in Def Stance so this macro allows you to charge, intercept if charge is on cool down and Intervene if you have a friendly targeted.Having Charge in the list twice allows you to always have either Charge or Intercept (whichever has the shorter cooldown or is ready) as the action to be performed.

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I also made a macro to switch back to your 2H and go back into Battle Stance, but only use this after your Shield Wall has expired or your Spell Reflection has expired/been consumed.

In Patch 5.4, you will not need to equip a shield however, so you can just cast Shield Wall or Spell Reflection with your two-handed weapon equipped.

Finally this is macro for spamming Cleave and if Bloodsurge is active the Slam is casted.

#showtooltip /startattack /castsequence [nocombat,mod]reset=target Battle Stance, Charge;[nocombat]reset=target Berserker Rage, Intercept;[form:3,mod]Bloodrage, Berserker Rage;[noform:3]Berserker Stance; [form:3]reset=target Whirlwind, Bloodthirst, Bloodthirst Once in combat it will put you back to berserker stance and it will start DPS rotation Whirlwind, Bloodthirst and Bloodthirst.

(Tested in 4.0) This macro will cast Charge in Battle Stance, Intercept in Berserker Stance and Intervene in Defensive stance if your target is friendly.

Intimidating shout macro target

Finally, this macro turns on your auto-attack if the target is hostile, cancels your Bladestorm and casts Battle Shout.You don't need an Intervene macro if you have Grid or Healbot.(3.3 tested) This allows the warrior to put Devastate (or Sunder Armor if you don't have Devastate yet) on off targets without switching their main target by putting the mouse cursor over the target and then hitting the macro.In Patch 5.3, Defensive Stance got buffed for non-protection warriors, and it now provides a 25% damage reduction.Combine this with Shield Wall and you got yourself a 65% damage reduction defensive cooldown, or with Spell Reflection and you got yourself a spell reflected and 25% damage reduction.Useful if you don't have stances binded as this is a single button.Make sure it is on the same action bar and spot in all stances.It will also Devastate your current target if you have no mouse over target, or Devastate your target's target if your current target is friendly and your target's target is not.The macro prioritizes Mouse Over (3.3 tested) This allows the warrior to taunt the target if it is an enemy and begin autoattacking, or taunt a friendly unit's target and begin autoattacking.This macro is compatible with the juggernaut talents.This macro will allow you to easy choose between Heroic Strike and Slam to dump your excess of rage or to just simplify the buttons you've to push.


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