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This communication of one's desire is essential within the concept of love magic as it enabled a timid person to approach the unapproachable.With the dominance of Christianity and Catholicism in Europe during the Renaissance, elements of Christianity seeped its way into the magic rituals themselves.During the later medieval period (14th to 17th century), marriage developed into a central institution for public life.

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It can be implemented in a variety of ways, such as written spells, dolls, charms, amulets, potions, or different rituals.

Love magic has been a branch of magical practice, and a topos in literature and art, for many centuries.

Eros spells were used to instill lust and passion into women, leading them to fulfill the man who invoked the spells sexual desires.

Without freedom, women could only hope to make their situation better, which is why they aimed at affection producing spells.

The two types of spells can be connected directly to the gender roles of men and women in Ancient Greece.

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Women used philia spells because they were dependent on their husbands.modern misconceptions about gender roles and sexuality.Christopher Faraone, a University of Chicago classics professor specializing in texts and practices pertaining to magic, distinguishes between the magic of eros, as practiced by men, and the magic of philia, practiced by women.Women were powerless and used any means necessary to keep their husbands around, since men were free to leave their wives whenever they wanted.Many women resorted to philia spells to maintain their beauty and keep a peace of mind.They were financially free, could live where they chose, and were not expected to serve just one man and home.These were the only noted women to use eros magic to fulfill their sexual needs.Philia magic was used by women to keep their male companion at bay and faithful.Basic beliefs about sexual attitudes in Greece were dismissed by the findings in the philia love spells, potions, and rituals.Magic was expensive and could cause severe damage to the caster; therefore it was not taken lightly.Thus, spells were not just cast upon just anyone in the Renaissance, but on those unions that held special importance.


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