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However, he never actually produces the certificate, despite repeated requests from the then HR officer, Ms Marie Swanepoel and two other staff members, Helena Botes and Paul Tati.

Hlaudi Motsoeneng, currently (2013) acting Chief Operating Officer of the SABC, its second most powerful executive earning R2.2-million annually, joins the SABC in Bloemfontein.

He provides the SABC with a form which stated that he had done his matric in 1991 at Metsi Matsho High School.

The attorney representing the families, LRC’s Louise Du Plessis, said Mdingi was arrested on Friday for contempt of court on an order that was granted on Friday.

Du Plessis said they would launch a class action lawsuit to have the municipality pay for damaged goods.

The result is that during this crucial transition period we have a public subjected to misinformation and disinformation because of narrow party political manipulation.

If the SABC is to play a constructive role ahead of our country’s first experience with democracy, informing the electorate rather than attempting to persuade them to vote for a particular political party, it is necessary to replace those who currently control the SABC with others who are committed to democracy and to an electorate empowered by accurate and impartial information.“We have not yet established how much the damage is but it will be a massive claim. Du Plessis said some families had to move in with family members.She said the families were now living in shacks after they had invested in building their homes.The Chairperson of the SABC Board of Control, Dr Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri, nominated herself for re-appointment to the board in 1996 when the term of office of the previous one came to an end.She subsequently phoned the office of the Minister for Broadcasting to make sure that they had in fact received her nomination.The basis of this approach was openly articulated in the ANC’s stated objective of gaining controls of all in South African society and the means of achieving this was through cadre deployment – as the SABC boards in the Mbeki era and thereafter illustrate.Here is how Gareth van Onselen, then Director of Communications with the Democratic Alliance but now a columnist for ‘ANC spokesperson Joel Netshitenzhe, writing in the ANC publication Umrabulo in 1997, defined transformation as ‘extending the power of the ‘National Liberation Movement’ over all levers of power: the army, the police, the bureaucracy, intelligence structures, the judiciary, parastatal, and agencies such as regulatory bodies, the public broadcaster, the central bank and so on.‘The ANC offered a progress report on its goal of controlling the SABC in its 1999 document ‘Accelerating Change: Assessing the Balance of Forces in 1999’ It states: ‘The transformation of the SABC did take much longer than we thought and more needs to be done at middle management level.ANC provincial secretary Lulama Ngcukayitobi said: “We have received the devastating news.It is unprecedented and we are taking it very seriously.” Ngcukayitobi said the ANC would have to investigate how the order of the court was not adhered to and who was responsible before the party took any steps.“We got a court order in October 2016 to have the municipality to build temporary structures for us where our homes were but the municipality did not do that,” Mfolozi said.It could not be established at the time of writing when Mdingi was due to appear in court.


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