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Once you match, Tinder works like BBM with near instant responses from girls, to the point where getting her phone number is mostly unnecessary.Tinder is quick and easy to use, because of this and the low investment involved, there are a ton of good looking girls on it, more than on dating sites.

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To be able to know what to say to get girls in any of these countries, check out the book The Perfect Conversation: Win Any Girl with Words.

The Philippines is a country where a westerner has huge value.

For those of you guys not familiar, Tinder is the most popular dating app and the first of its kind.

It uses your Facebook account and photos as your profile pics while giving you a couple lines of text to describe yourself – it’s super easy to use.

It’s a map that shows how easy girls are by their country.

Put together by my own experiences and that of much of Rooshvforum (Rooshvforum.com). report Id=19491 Easiness of girls by country is an interactive map that shows on a scale of one to five which countries have the easiest girls (to sex).Users can also filter by age and distance meaning you won’t see anyone outside of your age and distance range.The main benefit of Tinder is that it’s extremely efficient, it takes milliseconds to swipe a girl, a fraction of the time it takes on a dating site. We talk everyday (phone and text) I want to date him but I'm shy and I don't know how to tell if he likes me or not. And no it's not a sexual pic, it's usually just from his neck/shoulders and up Today this guy I kind of have a thing for randomly texted me a pic.And if you’re looking to learn how to get laid consistently, Tinder in my opinion, is the best place to hone your skills.If I’d had access to Tinder at 18, as opposed to 56k dialup internet, I would have been in heaven.Tinder is a hook up site so treat it like one, don’t expect to find a girlfriend on there, instead expect to find these girls: ________________________________________________________________________________ Since the original release of this post I’ve gotten a ton of questions from you guys so I’ve put together everything I know about how to get laid online into an insanely thorough, 200 page manual, called naturally: How To Get Laid On Tinder.The method I outline in How To Get Laid On Tinder, in my opinion, is the most effective and efficient online dating system available today.Conclusions The whole key to Tinder is spamming, just hammer the green heart all day while you’re at work and good things will happen.Like all online dating you have to be at least decent looking and in shape, especially if you want to use a sexual profile.


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