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However, many users on are just looking for casual dating or friends.

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But on my main pc it only lists the last 5 updates for various things going back only to 3rd Sept. I know there were updates between 2nd Aug and 3rd Sept.

On our weaker living room pc it shows history more with 'feature update' being the first in the list Thanks Shawn. What is troubling me in both views is the lack of entries.

When choosing Match.com, users are signing up for a reputable brand.

While there are many great dating sites, few can compare to the quality of Perhaps the biggest advantage to signing up for is the ease of finding a mate.

i wonder if it only shows 5 recent updates in the new update GUI history.

It'll then replace with the latest one on the next cumulative update with the oldest one dropping out.You will now see the history of Windows Update listed in categories.(see screenshots below) If you like, click/tap on any one of the "Successfully installed on (date)" links to see more details for that update.How to Clear File Explorer History in Windows 10 Clearing File Explorer history deletes the information Windows saved about the files and folders you use as well as what you've typed in the address bar. How to Clear File Explorer Search History in Windows 10 The search box in File Explorer will show a list of suggestions as you type in the search box. These suggestions are the history of your past typed searches into the search box. In Windows 8.1 explorer, you could click on File the Delete History and could select Recent Places List or Address Bar History. Tired of weeding through tons of profiles of people you aren’t interested in? On Match.com, you are able to type in specific keywords (interests or qualities) to get a list of users that match your criteria.This feature can make the online dating experience less frustrating.You can also click/tap on the More info link for even more details about the update online at Microsoft.To view Windows Update events in Event Viewer, you can either create a Custom View Filter in Event Viewer, or click and download the link I've posted with this post, unzip it(you may have to unlock it in properties) and import it to event viewer: From there after a few days of updating or update failing, you'll have enough to look at and find out what your problems are, by clicking the Details tab: Windows Update custom view download is under this posting Note: After some testing I have found out it also shows if App Store(the old one at least) was updated, not what, but that an update was downloaded.At the end of the day it's purely cosmetic, I'm on the latest public release version and everything works as it should.But it did make me curious why one machine has many more entries than the other.


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