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As the community took roots, temples and social organizations were formed.A prominent businessman and community leader, Ramesh Kalicharran, was the creative force behind many of these, including a radio program geared to the Indo-Caribbean immigrants.

The professional Guyanese have entered technical and educational fields.

The majority, however, work in factories and stores.

The Indian-American community, while much larger, has far fewer temples.

One of the biggest Guyanese temples is America Sewa Ashram Sangh.

Indeed, the people of Indian origin who have come to America from Guyana, Trinidad and Suriname are the hidden Hindus of America.

While the Hindus from India are the focus of media stories on religion, the people of Indian origin from West Indies are often overlooked.

Now the new government is trying to improve the living conditions, but there are still tremendous hardships for food and jobs, and consequently, rising crime.

Like Indian families, the Guyanese also have very close family ties, so immigrants continue to sponsor other family members to America.

There are now six radio programs and two TV shows for the community.

As cultural promoter, Kalicharran has had a hand in promoting many social causes for the last three decades.


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