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Culturally the area is divided into three sections: the northern, central and southern regions.The earliest evidence of the Maya civilization is found in the southern region.

Culturally the area is divided into three sections: the northern, central and southern regions.The earliest evidence of the Maya civilization is found in the southern region.

All the tribes of this stock were of high culture, the Mayan civilization being the most advanced and probably the most ancient, in aboriginal North America.

They still number altogether about two million souls.

The northern region, which encompasses the northern lowlands, was populated by the Maya in the Late Classic period, when influence from central Mexico created a hybrid Maya/Toltec culture, and was home to the Maya well into the Post-Classic period.

Their language, which is actually supplanting Spanish to a great extent, is still spoken by about 300,000 persons, of whom two-thirds are pure Maya, the remainder being whites and of mixed blood.

Slaves also existed, the slaves being chiefly prisoners of war and their children, the latter of whom could become freemen by putting a new piece of unoccupied ground under cultivation. Unknown, 06/06: Thanks but need to know if religion was important in their life! but you should really get more on the rulers and not the gods. ivona tinkle, 30/05:need more on the maya rulers otherwise very good Keenan, 26/05:this site is very good for information about mayan society and cicilzations. thank you ELLE, 31/01: I think you should write about the famous leaders that the Mayans followed.

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Society was organized upon the clan system, with descent in the male line, the chiefs being rather custodians for the tribe than owners, and having no power to alienate the tribal lands. unknown, 12/06:was helpful but not enough info student, 07/06: Thanks alot! Elizabeth, 31/05:oh, also get alot more on their religion, what ceremonies they did, etc. natasha, 22/05:but you could have added a bit on mayan MYTHS ello, 18/05: Hye, u have great info here! I got lots of great info for my big repoart and i am very plzed with it, but i need more info on the gods and socety, cultre, rulers and what they knew then (their knowledge). Under the ancient system, the Maya Government was an hereditary absolute monarchy, with a close union of the spiritual and temporal elements, the hereditary high priest, who was also king of the sacred city of Izamal, being consulted by the monarch on all important matters, besides having the care of ritual and ceremonials.On public occasions the king appeared dressed in flowing white robes, decorated with gold and precious stones, wearing on his head a golden circlet decorated with the beautiful quetzal plumes reserved for royalty, and borne upon a canopied palanquin.There was also a female priesthood, or vestal order, whose head was a princess of royal blood.The plebeians were farmers, artisans, or merchants; they paid taxes and military service, and each had his interest in the common land as well as his individual portion, which descended in the family and could not be alienated. david , 01/05: This has good info amanda, 27/04:i like the site but you should get more info on the Mayans Bill, 27/04:need more on food, otherwise ok KB05, 04/'t a bit bigger then others but fine nastassia, 02/02:hey i got a little info. rtaocbhy, 16/01:you need more info on mayan RULERS not GODS!!! in the first paragraph og "mayan government", there is one..the end! The rest of my life will be different." Transform YOUR life August 3-4 at the #Real Love Weekend Retreat—here: Oqew #Transformation #Wednesday Wisdom Zk PCHZCg Take the 40 Day Marriage Challenge to transform your #marriage now—here: "The exercises and questions in this book are tremendous—divinely inspired in my opinion.With Real Love, nothing else matters; without it, nothing else is enough.The provincial governors were nobles of the four royal families, and were supreme within their own governments.The rulers of towns and villages formed a lower order of nobility, not of royal blood.The king usually acted on the advice of a council of lords and priests.The lords alone were military commanders, and each lord and inferior official had for his support the produce of a certain portion of land which was cultivated in common by the people.


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