Google updating street view

Alongside the ordinary looking residential streets and national parks is everything from the amusing to the downright bizarre.

One particular image shows a disturbing sight outside a Gucci store.

Strapping cameras to cars, snowmobiles and even sending cameras down with volcano explores, far-flung corners of the earth have been captured.

However, it’s not just beautiful scenery captured by Google.

And some users span the globe in the hope of stumbling across hilarious images such as this one.

On a colourful street on a bright and sunny day, a man has been caught in a rather odd predicament.

Google Maps and Google Maps Street View is one of the most useful tools available on the internet, allowing people to visit all areas of the world from the comfort of their own home.

But as well as its informative qualities, the site also provides countless entertaining images.

It appeared online and read: “David Lee Niles, age 72, of Wyoming, passed away and only God knows the time and place.”But while decorating a tree for Christmas outside of Cook Funeral Home in Byron Centre, Brian Houseman was on a lift and spotted the submerged car.

The car, with Davie’s body inside, is visible on Google Maps and had been for years.


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