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There are many different perspectives to look at when trying to answer this question.

The Single Guy's Point of View Are your motives really clear and clean?

If the birthday boy-at-heart is often perfecting his swing, set him up with some personalized golf balls.

For the foodies and grill masters out there, custom engraved cutting boards, barware, and grilling tools will fit right in with his everyday activities.

This one is a tough one, because some men would have absolutely no problem with the fact that their wife has a single guy for a best friend. Can A Single Man Really Just Be Friends With A Married Woman? You should be able to spend time together without it automatically leading to a romantic relationship.

The main problem here is that others might see this friendship differently, especially the husband of the relationship. What about secret meetings without an open understanding?If so, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a friend who is a married woman.Even if you may feel more for her, you're absolutely fine as long as you remember that she is married and has chosen to spend her life with someone else.Maybe your best friend has always been a single guy and now that you are married, this affects your relationship with your husband.Maybe you’re the single guy who really is just friends with a married lady?A guide that has gifts I want to receive, gifts I want to give to my spinster friends, gifts I want to give myself.Where the modern-day spinster comes to play, indeed! (So did my neighbors, Tony and Traci, who were happy to help me finish off them both!What Guys Think Links: Where Are All The Nice Single Guys?The Husband's Point of View Are you a man of the 21st Century? If you are just great friends then what’s the problem?Take a look at some of my favorite gift ideas this holiday season: EATING AND DRINKING KRUPS on Request. ) My favorite, by a hair, was Fratelli Barba, which was given a rating of 87 points by .A girl needs her caffeine and yet I don’t want to make a whole pot of coffee since I live alone, and I can’t seem to get the portions just right when I’m trying to make a single cup with my coffee maker. It is aged in oak for four months and described as “earthy and full-bodied, and full of plum fruit smoke, licorice, and black cherries, with a classic almond character on the nose”.


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