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Once he learns the demise of Atlantis and everyone on it, and worse yet that the sun in the solar system is dying and he won't survive there much longer, he and the holographic Mc Kay must find a way to send Sheppard home and potentially change all of this.Based on estimates of the ages of the two Weirs in "Before I Sleep", a person in stasis ages one year for every (approximately) 160-165 years of real time that passes.A fabulous way to visit or re-visit some of the best the city has to offer.

It leaves you with questions about science and I love that! After yet another fruitless search for the missing Teyla, Sheppard returns to Atlantis, only to find it deserted.Worse yet, the city isn't just abnormally hot, but the entire ocean has completely dried up, leaving a sandy desert! Mc Kay, telling him that a solar flare had sent him 48,000 years into the future.Since he had been in stasis 700-800 years when he returned to Atlantis from the future, Sheppard was physically 4-5 years older than when the episode began.See more » During the final sequence, in Michael's laboratory geared with Genii equipment, the video monitor with the data and self-destruct countdown is a Philco Predicta television set.The word "Predicta" can be seen on the CRT bezel, but there are no English words or lettering in the Genii or Wrath vocabulary.See more » Keeping this spoiler-free for the ones who haven't watched Stargate. But definitely the Stargate episode that has stuck most in my mind since I first saw them.I'd like to nominate this to the TV science fiction hall of fame. I've often wondered if this was filmed off-schedule, so to say, because the individual stories are all very distinct in appearance and composition and there's quite a few different sets in it.Not to mention that there's a fair amount of non-main cast members in it.This incident becomes known as "The Ginza Incident".After taking over the Gate, the JSDF sends in a recon group to explore the world beyond the Gate and try to establish diplomatic relationships with the people there.


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